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The French Corsican nationalist who was convicted of assassination, Yvan Colonna has passed away at the age of 60. He was the son of Jean-Huges Colonna who was a former member of the National Assembly for the Socialist Party elected in the Alpes-Maritimes. Recently, his death has become a massive discussion on social media after almost 10 pictures were taken from the video of the assassination attempt on Yvan Colonaa and later, it was broadcast last night on the France 3 Corse website.

Later, the photos started to circulate on social media and most of the netizens have watched all the images. According to the sources, Yvan’s family from El tended to press charges on the grounds of a breach of the Confidentiality of the order. Along with this, the family are appalled by the release of the picture of Yvan of his assault in jail and understands that he is complaining of a breach of the secrecy of order.

Yvan Colonna Leaked Video

His lawyers announced 3 by AFP on Friday, March 18. Yvan Colonna’s Wikipedia is also available on the Internet and he was born on April 7, 1960 in Ajaccio, Corsica, France. Later, his family moved to Nice. After taking his Baccalaureat which is a French High School, he studied to become a teacher of physical education and sports.

Unfortunately, he broke his studies in 1981 returning to Corsica and moved to Cargese where his brother opened a beach bar. He took a goat herding, it was a common occupation in Corcia. Along with this, he also joined the nationalist militant faction close to the FLNC and was suspected in several terrorist acts in the area. With this, he was also suspected to take a part in the attack to the police station in Pietrosella.

Yvan Colonna Colonna Attack Video Viral

Now, his assassination video and photos are going viral on social media, and those 10 pictures were taken from the assassination attempt recorded by the surveillance cameras during the evening broadcast on the French website 3 Corse. But later, the photos and videos were no longer available Friday morning.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment after 2012. According to the sources, he was arrested for the 1998 assassination of perfect Claude Erignac. He had assaulted him and since then, he has been plunged into a life or death coma in the hospital in Marseille. Since the news of his death went viral on social media, many people shared hated comments for him and some were supporting him.

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