YouTuber Durte Dom Boasts Tesla Jump Crash Video Footage ‘LAPD Didn’t Like My Stunt’

Video of a Tesla Model S flying through the air on a Los Angeles street has gone viral. The clip is rapidly surfacing on Twitter, gaining the attention of the netizens. It has gotten millions of views and a massive engagement. Ever since the video spread online, users looked curious to know the driver of the car. Well, it is coming forward that Durte Dom was flying the car. Taking to his TikTok account, the YouTuber claimed that he had hit his new Tesla. Grab more details about the video here.

The TikTok star has reportedly identified himself as the driver of the Tesla car that was seen flying through the air. Durte has boasted about his involvement in trying to pull off a high-speed stint over the weekend. The stunt was performed in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. Let us tell you that the dangerously high-speed stunt resulted in a collision with two parked cars. As the incident happened, the driver immediately fled the scene. The Los Angeles Police Department has stated that the driver will face hit-and-run charges when he will be identified.

Footage of the stunt that took place after midnight on Sunday has been circulating on the internet and has garnered millions of views on social media. In the viral clip, the car, described as the rented black 2018 Tesla S-BLM, speeds through an intersection and is seen going down a hill before crashing into two parked cars and several trash cans. Dominiykas Zeglaitis who is well-known as Durte Dom has shared the video on his TikTok account and has talked about it. The YouTuber even shared a tweet from a news outlet reporting the incident with the caption that reads, “LAPD did not like mu stunt”.

Further in the description, Durte Dom says, “yall better pay my bail.” As the video went viral like a wildfire, the TikTok star uploaded another video on the video-sharing platform saying he has made it on the news. It is reported that no bystanders got injured during the stunt and the driver Zeglaitis is also not injured in the incident. However, the vehicle that was used had gotten completely wrecked. Detective Campos stated that he does not know what they were thinking about as they could have killed somebody.

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