Why Was Olga Buzova Banned From Instagram? Reason, What Happened To Russian Influencer? All Details Explained!

Hello my dear friends, today we have come again with very good information for you. Olga Buzova, otherwise known as the Russian influencer with a following of over 5 million, has been banned. This move comes as a surprise given that she was one of the few influencers who refused to change her voice and imagery to align with new guidelines. And, even more surprisingly, it is not the first time that Buzova has been at the receiving end of anger. Earlier this year, she was briefly suspended for images of designer clothes before being un-suspended. Stay tuned to our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Why Was Olga Buzova Banned From Instagram?

Olga Buzova is a Russian influencer and fashion designer who rose to fame in 2018 for her sultry photos and StyleForum-approved outfits. However, in recent times, Buzova has been met with controversy after being banned. Although the reason for her ban is unknown, it has been speculated that it is linked to her political views. Some believe that Buzova’s Instagram account was banned because of her support for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Regardless of the reason, Buzova’s ban has caused a stir online and Fans are now divided as to whether or not they support her work.

What Happened To Russian Influencer Olga Buzova?

The only way to win against them is to cooperate with them. After a personal conversation with representatives, Olga Buzova has deleted a couple of photos where she holds suspicious pills and has told the fans to avoid similar situations. The Russian influencer, who had 1.7 million followers and almost 3 million subscribers on YouTube (probably much more), published photos of her in the bath and in bed with her boyfriend while they were high. Also, it was not even clear how she got access to these drugs. The last thing you want as an influencer is for your fans to think that you deal drugs for a living.

Let’s see what will happen next, because now she has to make all her own money by herself. What do you think about Olga Buzova’s ban and this whole story? Do you think she should stay banned or not? Let us know in the comment box below! Influencers are paid for their opinions and for advertising brands, so I think that it will be hard to find the real difference between an influencer like Olga Buzova and a normal user sharing popular products with the public. The blogging sphere is full of such bloggers: just one comment – and a link to the shop where you can buy the product.

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