Why Was BLM Leader Monica Cannon-Grant Arrested? Reason, All Charges & Allegations!

So hello everyone and a piece of very controversial and scandalous news are circulating all over social networking sites.BLM Leader Monica Cannon-Grant has been Arrested. Supporters and followers are in great shock and why she was arrested. The accident took place on Wednesday when the black lives matter leader was arrested in Boston and there was an 18-page Federal acquisition against third for conspiracy and other charges. For the accusation, the local police department has been claiming that she received over 1 million dollars in net donations. Stay tuned to our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

BLM Leader Monica Cannon-Grant Arrested

She was detained outside her house on Wednesday and she is a very prominent and significant leader of the blm organisation. Her family and herself has rejected to comment anything on the situation as he was taken to the courthouse. She has been constantly defending and saying that she is innocent in all the cases. Prosecutors have not stated relevant information regarding her how the money was a distributed and the lawyer of the accused has commented that they are highly disappointed.

Why Was Monica Cannon-Grant Arrested? Reason

How the jurisdiction is currently trying to rest the whole judgement and trying to violate the guidelines. Her supporters and followers asking that it is our kontroversi and they are trying to suppress the voice of the community. Thousands of messages have circulated over the internet saying that they are in total support of Monica and the charges should be taken down. Some media sites have reported that she was involved in more than one fraud scheme and estimated $1000000 in unemployment advantages over given in the month of October last year.

Monica Cannon-Grant BLM All Charges & Allegations

There are multiple allegations and a some are really serious ones who are the couple and they are trying to get out of this situation. The evidence is yet to be released by the local police but they are pretty confident of arresting the leader and they are still pressing on the charges. She is well known for her speeches and her protest all around the country for the Black lives matter movement. We will be back with some more information regarding this incident and stay tuned with our website for more updates from all around the world.

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