Who Was Vanessa Ladouceur Stabbing Victim Killed in Random Attack Says Calgary Police

Neighborhood in Calgary, Canada, Beltline has been 4 homicides since the year started and a lady who recently died in a random attack was the 4th one. Actually recently the Calgary police stated that the woman who died Vanessa after being located badly wounded in the Beltline on Friday was actually killed in a “random attack.” Reports have shown that the police got the call from 100 block of 10th Avenue S.E. at around 6:40 a.m. on March 18 for reports of an assault.

The woman who died accidentally was later identified as Vanessa Ladouceur, 31. When the cop reached the spot they found the lady unconscious, the CPS said that even after reaching on time the lady did not survive injuries and got died, unfortunately. No doubt that the crime rate in the city has risen in the past few months and since the year started cops have seen so many cases where this one was the city’s fourth homicide of the year.

Later in a statement, the CPS said that they have searched and still searching at their best to find every possible connection between the accused and the deceased the statement was “ruled out any possible connection between the victim and the accused”.

Staff Sgt. Sean Gregson in a press release said “Any loss of life is tragic, but especially in situations like this.” Continuing the statement he said “This sort of silly viciousness is not welcome locally, and we know that this occurrence has affected numerous Calgarians. We give our earnest sympathies to the casualty’s loved ones.” Well, there is no doubt that the city has been dealing with these kinds of cases for a long time but still, the CPS said that random violence remains “extremely rare” in Calgary.

Erika Ladouceur deceased’s mother said that she wants to people know that how humble her daughter was and she wants people to know about her daughter’s humanity. In a statement, she said, “what an incredibly beautiful and caring human (Vanessa) was.” Continuing the statement said “She brought joy and hope to so many people,” she added. “Our hearts are broken.” Well, you must be keen to know about the one who killed the 31 years old adorable and pleasing soul. So, as per the sources Michael John Adenyi, 26, has been charged with first-degree murder and appeared in court on Monday. Stay tuned to get more updates on world’s crime news.

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