Who Was Sabita Thanwani? Murder Arrest Over Clerkenwell Death Check Killer Name

A British student named Sabita Thanwani is raking colossal attention of the netizens after her killing. The horrific incident took place at an accommodation located in central London. The girl named Sabita Thanwani was 19 years old at the time of her death. The entire accommodation is petrified after learning about the killing. Sabita was found ineffective with brutal neck injuries in the halls of residence in Sebastian Street, Clerkenwell. The entire area was terrified by the killing that took place on 20th March 2022 on Saturday early morning as per GMT. Get more information on who is Sabita Thanwani and the reason for her killing.

According to the reports, the young woman who died on the spot declared by the emergency service arrived at the scene at around 5:10 according to Greenwich Mean Time Zone. The case has come to the attention of law enforcement, arrested Maher Maaroufe as the prime suspect of the crime. The police officer released a statement that informed that Maaroufe is in a relationship with the late Ms Thanwani. Maaroufe is in police custody for investigation and further leads.

As per the evidence obtained by the police pointing out the 22 years old Maaroufe was the prime suspect of the killing. He will remain in custody until the officers will get their hand on some solid evidence that can defend him. Sabita Thanwani was studying at the University of London located quite near the student accommodation the place where the girl had been killed. Det Ch Insp Linda Bradley assured that the family of Sabita Thanwani will get complete support from the officers and affirmed that they will soon conclude the case. Later, the console all the family members and her friends.

Linda Bradley further suggested respecting the privacy of the family in such hardship. She then added that the family is heartbroken and devasted after learning about the killing of their daughter. The corpse of 19 years old student was sent for autopsy and investigators are waiting for the reports.

As of now, the news went viral all over the Internet and social media platform has been flooded with their condolence. As Sabita wasn’t a public figure so it isn’t much available on her personal details. We are trying to fetch more information on Ms Sabita Thanwani and the incident till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.

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