Who Was Kimiti Wanjaria? What Happened With Him? Cause of Death

Kimiti Wanjaria a well-known property dealer shocked everyone with his sudden demise. He was in Mumbai, India where he breathed last and belonged to Africa. This displeased event occurred recently and stunned all of his family members as well as followers. He was 30 years of his age at the time of his death. The entrepreneur is well-known for founding the property company with the registration name Kimiti International. The organisation is especially known for its luxurious properties. The association earned solid fame over the years with suave properties. Get more information on Kimiti Wanjaria Cause of Death.

Kimi Wanjaria was a famous entrepreneur who has been discovered numerous precise property ventures. However, the entrepreneur himself died all of the sudden leaving everyone shocked. According to the reports, the young and inspiring entrepreneur ended his life by committing suicide. It is being said that he was suffering from high stress and anxiety found it easy to quit instead of struggle. All of his admirers are highly disappointing with his awful decision and mourning of his death. Wanjaria was suffering a hard face in life that compelled him to this kind of decision.

According to the reports, the last rites of Wanjaria were supposed to be happened by his family and reports. Besides, his funeral took place at Tigoni on Friday and it can assume that he breathed last somewhere on Thursday on 17th March 2022, although the number isn’t certain as there is no official information that has been revealed confirming the authentic date of his death. On his funeral day, his family shared that he was suffering from hardship as he had struck rock bottom in the business. He was trying to sort out the things at his best but in vain and eventually took this step.

All of his family members are sinking in sorrow after this tragic accident. Some of his friends still can’t believe that their friend left them forever. His family added that he was trying to come back into the corporate world and even launched a brand new company and even named his company ‘Silver Hill Investment Limited.

Well, there isn’t much available on him, he was born and raised in Kenya, Africa and was around 30 years of his age at the time of his death. As per his age, his date of birth was around 1992. We will get back to you with more updates till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.

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