Who Was Denis Kireev? Reports Claim Ukraine Negotiator Shot For Treason Updates!

According to the reports from local media, Denis Kireev, a member of Ukraine’s peace negotiations team has been killed. Yes, Denis Kireev has been shot dead. It is claimed that he may have been spying for Russia. Some officials in Kyiv said that Denis who was 45-years-old was a spy and former banker killed during an operation while defending the nation. On Saturday, the death of a Ukrainian who was identified by the media as a member of the country’s negotiating team with Russia. Since the news of their death went viral on social media, many officials paid tribute to him and expressed their deep condolence.

First, it was circulating in local media and social media throughout the day that claimed Denis Kireev who took a part in negotiations in Belarus in recent days, had been shot killed by Ukrainian security forces when they were attempting to arrest him. Later, some reports asserted that he had been suspected of treason. The death of Denis Kireev was confirmed by a Facebook post of Ukraine’s defense ministry but the post described that Denis was an intelligence operative for Ukraine who died while serving for nation.

Who Was Denis Kireev?

Denis Kireev is killed along with two more scouts. The statement by Ukraine said,” During the performance of special tasks, three scouts were killed – employees of the Chief Intelligence Department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine”. Later, the statement added,” They died, defending Ukraine, and their rank brought us closer to victory. Heroes don’t die! They live so long as we remember them!”.

Well, we didn’t find any official comment which was made on the claims of treason that Denis Kireev was killed by the authorities of Ukrainian. Along with Kireev Denis Borisovich, the fate of Alexei Ivanovich and Chibineev Valery Viktorovich was killed in this operation. The official statement reads,” During the performance of special tasks, three spies were killed – employees of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. On behalf of the Central Intelligence Agency, we express our sincere condolences to the families of the victims”.

Russian and Ukrainian sources claim about his alleged spying activities that he may have been working for both countries. Well, a picture of him is also going viral on social media in which he was sitting on the Ukrainian side of the negotiating table at the first time of talks that took place on February 28, 2022.

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