Who is Wali Canadian Sniper Is He Dead Or Alive? What Happened to Him?

Reports are spreading that a Canadian sniper, dubbed Wali, was killed in the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia. According to the Ukrainian officials, it is reported that from more than 52 countries, around 20,000 foreign fighters have traveled to Ukraine to support the resistance against Russia. One of these fighters has been garnering a lot of attention on social media. Yes, a Canadian soldier named Wali has occupied all the trends on the internet. While some people are claiming that Wali is dead some are saying that he is still alive.

Wali’s death rumours have spread on social media. It is being speculated that the Candian sniper had been killed by Russian Troops. Yes, it is said that the soldier was killed a few days after arriving in the country. However, the reports have not yet been confirmed. Many believe that the rumours are nothing but a part of the Kremlin’s propaganda strategy. As per reports, Wali had travelled from Poland to Ukraine to provide his support to the country.

Canadian Sniper Wali Dead or Alive?

Talking about the ongoing conflict in an interview, Wali had said that he arrived in the country with three other fighters and was greeted by hugs, handshakes, flags, and photos. Canadian sniper further said that they were so happy to have them when they arrived and met the Ukrainian troops. Wali added that they became friends right away. Talking about Wali, he is a Canadian soldier who served as a part of the Royal Canadian Infantry’s 22nd Regiment in Afghanistan, Kandahar.

Let us tell you that Wali is a nickname that has been talked from the Arabic word for ‘guardian’. The soldier gained the said nickname while serving from 2009 to 2011 in Afghanistan. Later, Wali traveled to Iraq and volunteered with Kurdish military forces in their fight against ISIS. Right now, plenty of rumors regarding the death of Wali has surfaced on the internet. Searches like “Is Wali dead or alive” and “how did Wali get killed” are popping up.

It shows that netizens are curious to know about the Canadian sniper and want to find out if he is alright or not. Well, as mentioned above, it has not been confirmed yet. Several sources are stating that Wali is killed by Russian troops but let us add that no confirmation regarding the same has come to the front yet. Keep following our site to get more such latest updates and worldwide news.

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