Who is Uncle Ron? Uncleron911 Leaked Video Viral On Twitter Mcdonalds Big Mac Scandal

It can’t be doubted that social media has become the hub for all strange and weird things and saying this won’t be bad that on the internet you will hardly find news that will illuminate your mind but you must get the vulgar content which will not only bring the smile on your lips but also force you to share it. Well, amid so many weirdest things a Twitter account Uncleron911 recently started gathering attention after the man show himself playing with Mcdonald’s Big Mac.

In the viral clip, you will watch Uncleron911 putting his genital into the Mcdonald’s Big Mac, and later he eats that burger saying that the taste has been turned double now and it has become more delicious. The man then eats the burger and things get viral since he ate the first bite of the burger he did his genital inside. This extremely weird video is circulating across the web and all the viewers who have watched the video are completely stunned. Such kinds of unusual videos are often surface on the Internet but this is something beyond the limits.

All the viewers are immensely shocked seeing how a person can do such a kind of heinous act with food and even ate it. All such abhorrent activities are clearly seen in the clip getting viral on social media platforms, especially on Twitter. The man named Uncle Ron is getting enormously criticized from all over. All the netizens are condemned as the old man on all the social networking sites. Apart from Twitter, he has an active account on the social video sharing platform Tik Tok. Well, this isn’t for the first time when the man is surrounded with the controversy.

Prior to this, he grabbed the attention for something he did in his past and uploaded it on social media raising some issues. He even mentioned on his social media that if any of his followers want some really weird and explicit content you can simply follow her account. Uncle Ron has fetched millions of followers on his Tik Tok and obtained colossal attention.

Most of his fans even download his videos and then posted them on other platforms including Twitter and Instagram. His Twitter account has been followed by 1500 other accounts. He is 44 years old of his age so far. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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