Who Is Ivan Fedorov? Mayor Ivan Fedorov Abducted In Exchange For 9 Captured Putin’s Troops – Family Age & More!

As we all know the Russian invasion of Ukraine is still going on and very devastating and terrible photographs and stories are coming. Recently the mayor Ivan Fedorov was abducted and kidnapped by why Russian military in exchange to free 9 captured military Troops. The Russian military Troops signify the mission as a special operation and recently revealed that he will be returning to the office unharmed. The metropolitan city has been under the control of Russian troops. Stay tuned to our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Ivan Fedorov?

Since the beginning of the special operations and constantly attacking the other parts of Ukraine. The president is not backing down and he is not surrendering and he is ready to defend his country at all cost. The whole world is condemning the actions of Russia and imposing economic sanctions to weaken the financial situation of the country. The European Union also stated that they are heavily Hindi kidnapping of multiple measures and it is against the humanitarian rights.

The situation is a really horrible in Ukraine as millions of citizens have already left the country and seeking refuge in the neighbouring Nations. Indian students are also getting killed in the whole situation but the operation to bring them home is still going on. He is not the only man who was kidnapped as on March 13 another main and was taken into the captivity and his assistant and deputies were also suffering the same situation. President has addressed America.

And the Congress Party to provide help as soon as possible as the European nations are also trying to provide military and financial aid to the country. On the other hand the gas and oil supplied to the European Nations is still going on and the crude oil prices have lowered. This is a world crisis and the citizens are suffering on every stage. We hope that the things will return to normal as soon as possible and we will bring more information and knowledge regarding the top stories.

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