Who Is Girikumar Patil? Indian Man Refuses To Leave Without His Pet Animals Check Pets Images Pictures

Amidst, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine uncounted shocking news is coming to the fore but sometimes, a little news of great pride also taking place. Something similar is recently happened, as Girikumar Patil, a common man of India is remaining the subject of discussion among everyone due to his decision, which is being appreciated by uncounted users as well. Even his family also praised him for taking such a phenomenal decision, so below you could get the comprehensive details along with some unknown facts, which are remaining unknown from the eyes of uncounted people.

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Grikumar Patil is a professional doctor who usually shares his videos and vlog with his cat on YouTube, because of which, his popularity is also hitting the headlines as still, uncounted people are following him. Presently he is staying in Ukraine and refuses to come back to India for the sack of his pet. He said that he does not want to come back to India besides the cats because in these tough they also need him. Because no one is there to feed them and therefore, he had to take a decision for taking care of those abundant cats.

Who Is Girikumar Patil?

Reportedly, Girikumar Patil is just a common doctor who presently living in Ukraine and serving those who need him in this hard time. Because during the circumstance of way not only human affected the animals also affected the same. Hence, for the sake of their safety, he is staying there ahead, amidst all these, he is remaining the subject of great discussion on social networking sites among the users due to his bravery towards the safety of those living beings who are not even able to speak. Hence, almost everyone is sending their best wishes to him.

If further reports are to be considered, so Dr. Patil lives in Bunker in Severodonetsk within the Donbas area, where uncounted people are taking sanctuary in the subterranean train station. Besides this, he gave his interview to some significant news channels where he clearly said that “He will not leave his pets abandoned at any cost, no matter what happens” because besides him no one is here who could take care of him. So therefore as long as the situation comes under control he will not come back, so here we have mentioned such details which have been fetched from the other sources.

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