Who Is Dom Calata? Washington State Deputy Dies after Shootout with Assault Suspect

35 years old Washington state sheriff’s deputy named Dominique “Dom” Calata was one of two deputies with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department shot during the mayhem at a mobile-home park near Spanaway on Tuesday afternoon. Reports have confirmed that the sheriff’s deputy died in the open fire at the spot. Sources have said that the deputies joined local authorities with the South Sound Gang Task Force to arrest the suspicious named Jeremy Dayton, who was being sought on a warrant for second-degree assault.

Deputy Dominique “Dom” Calata was killed in the line of duty while encountering Jeremy Dayton. His department shared his images where they wrote their pain towards the deputy and we got to know that he was also everyone’s favourite because he had been working in the department for over six years. Another deputy who was there with Dom got seriously injured while performing the operation. When the gunfire erupted the 35 years old Calata and Sgt. Rich Scaniffe, 45, was wounded in the shooting. Reportedly, Dom was an army veteran in the department for six years and he died after surviving the injuries.

Well, saying this won’t be bad that in the past few months crime rate in Washington has been increased and several suspects have died in the encounter while some are still missing, though some cases are not even written in the papers. Not only Calata but before him, the county has lost some of its veteran deputies and other officers and it all happens just because of the crime rate.

Deputy Calata was married and has left a young son behind. However, it is sad to announce that the deputy was killed in the operation but the quite good thing is, the suspect whom they wanted to arrest or shoot named Jeremy Dayton was also killed in the shooting. Sgt. Rich Scaniffe who was there while the encounter went under medical treatment and after a long time he got back in senses and now he is out of danger and staying in a stable condition. Jeremy Dayton is the prime and only suspect in the shooting of 2 Washington deputies.

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