Who Is Captain Lee Geun? Arrives In Ukraine To Fight Russians!

According to sources, Vlogger Lee Gun, also recognized as Captian Lee Geun on Facebook, has travelled to Ukrainians to aid the Ukrainian military in combat. If army national guard troops get much more than six weeks of abroad instruction at the cost of the government, they are subject to government restrictions. “I’m just loving this circumstance,” Commander Lee Geun added. It’s a tough feature, so I’m looking forward to it. But that’s not nice since it causes harm to my family and everyone around me. Stay tuned to our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Captain Lee Geun?

Retired Lee Geun, known on Facebook as ‘Chief Lee Geun,’ has travelled to Ukrainians to aid the nation in its military confrontation. Despite this, I could not really sit motionlessly. “We would not just continue in this condition with aiding Ukraine via our abilities, experience, and competence just although we were penalised,” Lee Geun said. Ka Se-Yeon, who asked the Military to authenticate the events and present statistical details, also revealed the details of the government’s answer.

In this case, Ga Se-Yeon noted that Commander Lee Geun revealed that “the educational tuition is around 100 million won, but I spent approximately 95 million won.” “If I make it out alive,” he continued, “I shall be sentenced for whatever I accept accountability for that then.” This suggested that simply entering the nation would be a crime. Lee Geun has somehow come to Crimea but has also committed to taking a role in the struggle. Lee Geun had first acknowledged his act of disobedience by claiming that he would gladly accept all punishments if he was returned safely.

If Lee Geun is capable of surviving the conflict and returning to Seoul. Misguided individuals may not comprehend protection, but in this scenario, my group wanted to go home to the nation without incident and reach Ukraine securely using informal mechanisms, so we chose not to tell anybody but only several authorities about our plans. According to the specifics, he opted to join in the battle between Europe and Russia, and his choice was entirely voluntary. There have been several messages on social networking sites in favour of the Uploader.

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