Who is Alvaro Omar Larrama? Arrested in Fatal Stabbing Wiki Biography

Alvaro Omar Larrama is trending on the internet. Netizens are curious to know about him and are searching for details about him. Well, Alvaro is a 39-year-old bouncer at Sons of Boston. As per reports, the man has been charged with murder after stabbing a US Marine veteran. The marine veteran had participated in the War on Terror and was reportedly celebrating St. Patrick’s Day downtown on weekend. Suffolk District Attorney Kevin Hayden called the incident ‘tragic’. Let us find out more details about the case and the man behind it.

Kevin Hayden said that this is difficult and a heartbreaking situation for the entire city. Alvaro who stabbed the US Marine is a father of four from East Boston. Reportedly, he has pleaded not guilty to the murder of 23-year-old Daniel Martinez. His arraignment in Boston Municipal Court occurred hours after he surrendered to cops. Alvaro is a native of the Chicago region. Daniel Martinez was in Boston with his pals to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Reports claim that he was stabbed on Union Street before 7 PM on Saturday. He was brought to Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment. However, the Marine veteran could not survive and succumbed to his injuries. On security camera, Martinez was seen with his friend visiting the Sons of Boston tavern on Union Street. It is the same place where Larrama worked as a bouncer. According to prosecutors, the man stayed at the pub for some time and then exited.

Later, he came back by getting back in line. It was that time when Larrama and Martines get into a fight. According to a video recovered by cops, Martinez started walking away while Larrama started pursuing him. Later, the bouncer went on to stab Martinez to death. After killing Martinez, the bouncer went inside the pub and washed his hands. The prosecutors said that the man turned his shirt inside out and exited the establishment via the back entrance. The cops were informed about the stabbing.

After speaking with many of the bouncer’s co-workers and witnesses at the incident, the Boston Police Department’s Fugitive Unit investigated the case thoroughly and came to find out about the bouncer’s crime. It is reported that Larrama will be prisoned without bail and will be produced before the court on April 28. Other than this, not much information is available on the internet about him yet. Follow us for more updates!

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