Where To Buy Lady Gaga Chromatica Ball Tour 2022 Tickets, Price, Venues, and Dates

Lady Gaga is all set to lit up the cities this year with her new tour titled Chromatica Ball Tour 2022. While the tour initially got canceled because of the global pandemic, we finally now have it. Well, certainly now Gaga has given the announcement of her tour this year which brings additional fun to happen this year. Fans of Gaga would be happy to know that the wait is going to be worth it as Gaga has extended her tour this year.

Read ahead to know more about Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Ball Tour 2022.

Chromatica Ball Tour 2022 Dates Announced

It was on Twitter this week, that the American singer-songwriter Lady Gaga finally announced her summer tour that’s titled Chromatica Ball Tour 2022. Her tour that got canceled previously has now been renewed with a few more dates as she extends her tour to happen this year.

The tour of Gaga however would begin from July this summer and finally, conclude in September. To be specific with the dates, the tour will begin on July 17 and will go through to end on September 10th.

Venues of Chromatica Ball Tour 2022

The Chromatica Ball Tour of Lady Gaga would begin on 17th July in Merkur Spiel-Arena, Dusseldorf, Germany. Gaga who earlier planned to have 6 dates tour, has now extended it for 15 dates. After Germany, Gaga would head to Sweden, Paris, the Netherlands on 21st, 24th, and 26th July respectively.

The next part would then take her to London, Toronto, and Washington. Not to miss, her London tour will have two dates on 29th and 30th July. While Toronto and Washington will have her on 6th and 8th August. The last few days of her tour will take her to New Jersey, Illinois, Boston, Texas, Georgia, San Francisco, and Los Angeles on 11, 15, 19, 23, 26th August respectively with the last two dates to be 8th and 10th September.

Tickets availability for Chromatica Ball Tour 2022

Ticketmaster is certainly to have the Chromatica Ball Tour 2022 tickets available. Meanwhile, as far as the dates of the ticket availability are concerned then you can have the tickets available for the new dates added to the tour from 11th March in Arnhem and London.

Also, you can have other cities to have the tickets too from March 14th. However, if you have the previous tickets for Chromatica Ball Tour then that’s going to stay valid too. Not to miss, the London tickets would range for about £191 while the VIP package will be available for £446.

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