What Was His Cause Of Death?

Joe Crimo has died suddenly at the age of 47.

The San Clemente surfer was performing various types of aerial maneuvers in the 1990s, decades before they became commonplace.

Joe Crimo was a pioneer of aerial surfing. But out of the water he had a very hard life. He grew up in East Los Angeles alongside his brothers, gang members, and jail regulars for various reasons. “I started smoking crack in the new years, it’s what people did,” he explained in an interview in specialized surf media.

Although in the darkest times they could make him laugh, the truth is that when he returned to the right path he saw that a tattooed face was not the best letter of introduction to re-enter society. So, about 7 years ago he started a campaign on GoFundme to help him get rid of those tattoos. Unsuccessfully.

But let’s get back to surfing because that’s what will really be remembered about Joe Crimo and what will remain forever in the world of surfing. In the mid-90s, this Californian was already performing aerial maneuvers that were not common at all and that came from skateboarding. They stand out, in their case, the shuv-it, and the varials, for example.

Writes action sports journalist Chris Cote: “I’m proud to say that I was a huge fan of Crimo. Joe was a pioneer in putting skateboard tricks like shuvits and varials into surfing. He was way ahead of his time.” time and for that, he got a lot of crap from both the media and fans of what was then considered ‘normal’ surfing.

As his friends and family have communicated on social networks, Joe Crimo has died suddenly at the age of 47, without the causes of his death having been revealed. D.E.P.

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