What Is The Meaning Of Koon? Trevor Noah Responds To Kanye West’s Instagram Post

Trevor Noah chastised Kanye West for “harassing” Kim Kardashian during their divorce. Kanye West retaliated by hurling a racist insult at Noah. A screenshot of a search for Noah, 38, that West, 44, uploaded to Instagram on Wednesday, March 16. It included a slur numerous times in the text. In a tweet, he called Noah “Koon Baya,” a term used during the racist period of the ’80s. 

Furthermore, he expressed concern about the possibility of a future violence flare-up between the former couple. Despite being one of the “most powerful women” in the world, the KUWTK star was harassed by her former husband, according to the comedian.  

Using a racially insensitive term to describe the comedian, West took to Instagram following the episode to attack Noah. Noah’s bio on Google was shared as a screenshot with a caption that was changed to refer to Riverside Gospel Group’s Kumbaya, My Lord song.  

Urban Dictionary Definition Of Koon Baya

The term “Koon Baya” describes a racist time period in which a black individual does not like blacks. 

It is defined as “the disparaging term used to refer to an African-American or any person of color”. Koon Baya has been used to refer to black individuals who are anti-black and often act against the black community.

Thus, one could make a calculation as to why the term is considered racist. Also why the controversy becomes more prevalent each passing day. 

Why Kanye West and Trevor Noah were in a fight?

The Entertainment industry is trailing behind a new social media controversy involving Kanye West and Trevor Noah. 

The story began with Noah’s appearance on The Daily Show talking about Kanye and Kim’s divorce. He argued that even highly successful women are abused by men, blaming the rapper for abusing his ex-wife. 

The feedback, however, did not please West at all. A screenshot of Trevor Noah was posted online with the caption “Koon Baya My Lord, Koon Baya,” an allusion to the well-known Kumbaya tune. 

During her segment on TV, she mentioned that society needs to change how they view Ye-Kim-Pete’s story and that more people need to pay attention to the seriousness of the situation. He said that we have to ask ourselves questions as a society. “Do we wish to stand by and watch a car crash when we thought we saw it coming?”

Moreover, Noah cited West’s unending virtual attacks against Kardashian and Davidson, saying that the rapper has become increasingly aggressive over time. The second example of Ye’s behavior that he said was the “most extreme” was her Eazy music video.  

Despite the fact that some people might perceive the situation as a “marketing stunt” for Kardashian’s upcoming show on Hulu, it remains the fact that the reality star has been tormented by her ex-husband.

Fans were shocked by a claymation version of the video in which Davidson, 28, was kidnapped, decapitated, and then burned. Kardashian, 41, filed for divorce more than a year ago and became legally single on March 2, the same day the video was released.  

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