WATCH: Yan Li shot dead after stabbing a police officer Video

Yan li, San Diego woman shot dead after stabbing cop. Harrowing bodycam footage indicates the minute a San Diego woman was shot deceased by police attending to deportation attention.

What’s in that video?

The recently broadcasted video exhibits Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Bunch blowing on the entrance of 47-year-old Yan Li at the Acqua Vista Condominiums on March 3.

The San Diego Union-Tribune documented, Bunch confides to the woman, who is recognized clasping a huge knife at her side.

“Put the knife down straight now or I’m gonna shoot!” the representative shouts as he brings out his assistance weapon. “Put the knife down. Put the knife down!”

The inhabitant shouts back: “How could I understand you are not an intruder?”  

As he implies his gun to Yan li , Bunch begins again to order her to put down her weapon.

“Put the gun down, ma’am, I’m gonna shoot you! Put the gun down,” he cries out as she impeaches him from living as a fraud cop, asks where his emblem is, tosses the sheets on the ground and crashes the door.

The redacted video then indicates a sergeant with the sheriff’s headquarters outcry at the woman behind her impenetrable entrance as she begins to shout from inside.

The footage begins again an additional half-hour later when San Diego police officials are complete with dogs.

Police found out that I had also endangered her complex’s administrators and a supervision employee with a knife a day since, according to the announcement opening.

“Based on this documented crime, there was a warning to municipal insurance,” the video reportedly says. “This is also an apparent reason to charge Yan Li for assault with a fatal weapon.”

The footage then exhibits police joining the unhinged woman’s lodgings utilizing a key. At one point, an envoy is heard screaming “bean bag” before blasting the less-than-lethal weapon at Yan Li, who is sitting by the bedroom.

But the projectile ceases to function to injure the woman, who continues to accuse the deputies and officials, who are discerning fleeing to the hallway outside the flat in the following chaos.

In the pandemonium, many police are seen staggering to the ground before chances are flamed and Li falls face down as one officer is heard screaming that he was injured.

The wounded cop was behaved toward at UC San Diego Medical Center.

The four law enforcement staff who unlocked the fire have been observed as sheriff’s Sgt. Daniel Nickel, deputies Javier Medina and David Williams, and police Officer Rogelio Medina.

According to KBPS, The four officials have been positioned on desk duty pending an inquiry into the harmful shooting. Which reported that such provisional reassignments after occurrences of the deadly police force are regular.

Neither sheriff’s bureaucrats nor the San Diego authority lieutenant whose unit is examining the shooting conceded to questions.

Multiple people who perceived the offending video on the YouTube channel PoliceActivity, which has 3.27 million subscribers, called into issue the police tactics used in the occurrence.

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