WATCH: Durte Dom flies Tesla car off as LAPD offers $1,000 reward Video Goes Viral

Durte Dom has professed possession of an incredible film of a Tesla Model S flying through the air on a residential street in Los Angeles. 

The popular YouTuber declared openly on his TikTok account that he had hit his new Tesla. 

The driver showed no humiliation for contributing to the sudden litigation, which put not barely himself but additional passersby in problem.

The Model S can be seen moving toward a slope at high speed in the Echo Park area in the now-viral clip. 

That automobile then ran away into the air and slammed into two parked cars and two trash cans.

Durte has been observed as the driver was unchanged. There were no more observers injured as an outcome of the prank. The Tesla Model S, on the other hand, has been extremely injured.

Dom Zeglaitis aka Durte Dom did not occupy the car. As per Drive Tesla Canada, it was a Turo rental. It was also disclosed before that the subject maker submitted an obligation for his activities and vacated the car just to disappear from the scene.

According to documents, the circumstance happened to attend a Tesla Meet outside San Francisco. 

YouTuber Alex Choi published a video of the ordinance, which brought out an amount of awareness. Choi described the video:

“So the driver took off without any occurrence and this accidental man needed to indicate to me the area David Dobrik fell in his Tesla.”

Dom’s old buddy and Vlog Squad chief David Dobrik videotaped a trick in which a Tesla Model X flew over a freeway bump in a Los Angeles neighbourhood a few years ago.

The Los Angeles Police Department was drawn by the viral footage. According to ABC7, the driver will be accused of hit-and-run. 

They also claimed in a declaration that whoever fulfils data directing to “the criminal’s designation, suspicion, and confidence or determination through a civil compromise” will earn a $1,000 prize.

At the moment of the dissertation, no evidence on Duarte Dom’s charge had been given rise to the public.

 The YouTuber was contended of s*xually attacking an intoxicated lady in March 2021. 

The sufferer told Insider her story, which oversaw the Vlog Squad member’s death. At the moment of the occurrence, David Dobrik was shooting a vlog for his YouTube channel.

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