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Essential coverage of travel insurance

Most people love to travel. And, except for some very, very adventurous, we all like to do it safely. Hiring travel insurance becomes a gesture that can “save” a vacation. If you are thinking of hiring policy for the next ones, you should take into account the essential coverage of travel insurance.

Temporary travel insurance, which is tailored to suit the client, is very common for business trips, congresses, and leisure. In them, the first of the coverage is the assistance to people: medical attention is included due to illness or accident, the extension of the stay and repatriation, as well as the displacement and accommodation of an accompanying person if necessary.
These insurances also include transportation or repatriation in the event of the insured's death.
Temporary policies also cover the insured's early return due to the death or hospitalization of a relative. They also contemplate their early return due to a serious accident in their habitual residence or professional premises. The transmission of urgent messages or the management of cash delivery abroad is included.
The luggage is also subject to these insurances: the final loss, theft or external damage of the luggage checked in flight is compensated. In addition, the costs for the delay, location, and shipment of luggage and personal effects are covered.
In the best travel insurance, the insured will receive compensation in case of overbooking or delay in air transport.
This type of insurance is very interesting for those who care about their loved ones: compensation is usually provided for accidental death or permanent disability of the insured.
These are the essential coverage of travel insurance. The most complete policies include the possibility of extending some of these coverages, for example, extending the compensation for definitive loss, loss or destruction of luggage checked in flight. They also give the possibility to subscribe to new services, such as passport loss coverage: in case of loss of passport abroad, travel is guaranteed to obtain a new document, living expenses and access to a passport service. translation and interpretation.
You already know the essential coverage of travel insurance. Being aware of them is the first step to travel safely.