WAEC English Past Questions And Answers, Download The WAEC English Past Questions And Answers Pdf Here

WAEC English Past Questions And Answers

The WAEC English previous questions and solutions are listed under. This article incorporates Free entry to WAEC English goal, theoretical, and oral questions exams. You’ll additionally learn the way WAEC English questions are constructed and be taught every thing there may be to know in regards to the WAEC English examination.

WAEC English Past Questions And Answers – Paper 1


In every of the next sentences, there may be one underlined phrase and one hole.   From the checklist of phrases lettered A to D, select the one that’s most practically reverse in which means to the underlined phrase and that may, on the similar time, appropriately fill the hole within the sentence.

1.   Most African international locations face poverty whereas few get pleasure from ……………………….

A.  affect

B.  cash

C.  affluence

D.  energy

2.   Last yr our farmers cultivated extra crops than they……………………….

A.  destroyed

B.  uprooted

C.  harvested

D.  yielded


From the phrases lettered A to D, select the phrase that finest completes every of the next sentences.

3.   There would have been a riot in our school however for the well timed……………..of our workers.

A.  intervention

B.  interruption

C.  interference

D.  invasion

4.    The armed robbers ……………each room within the financial institution to search for cash.

A.   explored

B.  ransacked

C.  raked

D.  swept


After every of the next sentences, an inventory of potential interpretations is given.   Choose the interpretation that you simply contemplate most applicable for every sentence

5.   Ade is simply too intelligent by half. This signifies that Ade is

A.  far cleverer than others.

B.  really very silly in his habits.

C.  annoyingly intelligent.

D.  behaving to be intelligent however will not be.

6.   Ameh is basically being economical with the reality. This signifies that Ameh

A.  is being praised for being sincere.

B.  doesn’t know sufficient.

C.  is aware of greater than he’s ready to say.

D.  will not be telling the reality.


From the phrases lettered A to D under every of the next sentences, select the phrase or group of phrases that’s nearest in which means to the underlined phrase as it’s used within the sentence.

7.   By failing to attend the interview, Idoko has misplaced a golden alternative.

A.  blessed

B.  vivid

C.  good

D.  pleasant

8.   I hope the principal can be gracious sufficient to forgive us.

A.  cordial

B.  well mannered

C.  merciful

D.  light


From the phrases or group of phrases lettered A to D, select the phrase or group of phrases that finest completes every of the next sentences.

9.   A great citizen abides …………..  the principles of the land.

A.  with

B.  in

C.  at

D.  by

10. Since his swearing-in, the governor ………………..  his hometown.

A.  had not been visiting

B.  has not visited

C.  didn’t go to

D.  had not visited

WAEC English Past Questions And Answers – Paper 2


Answer one query solely from this part. All questions carry equal marks. Your reply shouldn’t be lower than 450 phrases.

You are suggested to spend about 50 minutes on this part.

1. Your buddy in one other school has requested details about your school to allow him to determine on shifting over to your school. Write a letter to him discussing at the very least three areas by which your school excels.

2. Write an article for publication in your school journal, discussing the the reason why kids in your space dropout of school and suggesting methods of minimizing it.

3. As the president of your youth membership, write a letter to the chairman of your Local Government Association complaining in regards to the rising charge of kid labor and suggesting methods of curbing it.

4. You are the chief speaker in a debate on the subject: Women shouldn’t be in paid employment whereas nonetheless bearing kids. Write your contribution for or towards the subject.

5. Write a narrative that ends with the phrases: That expertise will linger on my thoughts for a very long time.



Dele groaned and obtained off the bed. There was no clock on the mantelpiece and the room was nonetheless darkish, however he knew that he was already late for work, in all probability by an hour. He was a industrial bus driver and needed to get began as early as 5.00 a.m. and go virtually continuous until about 9.00 p.m. to have the ability to make the every day returns that the bus proprietor demanded.

On the day before today, he had attended an all-night celebration – a late uncle’s burial ceremony – the place he had drunk himself virtually mindless earlier than crawling residence within the early hours of the morning. Now, he obtained up shakily, splashed water on his face and hurried off to work, however not earlier than rigorously fastening on his higher left arm the amulet he had at all times worn for cover towards accidents. An analogous amulet hung hid underneath the steering column of his bus.

On his method, nonetheless feeling groggy, he caught his left toe towards a stump and had some misgiving. It was a foul signal, and he was supposed to return residence after which set out once more. But there was no time for that now, so he hurried on.

At the bus station, Dele shortly loaded his bus and sped off with none of the mandatory checks on the automobile. He needed to make up for misplaced time. It was the frenzy hour, so the bus was overloaded because it typically was, with many passengers hanging on to the doorways. The tyres have been threadbare, the brakes have been defective and the street was moist, however, nonetheless feeling somewhat sleepy, Dele sped on. Many passengers protested about his reckless driving, however he wouldn’t hear. After all, didn’t he have safety towards accidents?

As the automobile took the final flip earlier than its vacation spot, Dele noticed a broken-down truck blocking his aspect of the street. Under regular circumstances, he might have introduced the bus safely to a halt, however the circumstances have been removed from regular. The careering bus hit the parked automobile, swerved wildly throughout the street, and plunged right into a ditch.

Dele’s shock earlier than he sank into oblivion was the failure of his supposedly protecting amulets.

(a) Why did Dele get up late?

(b)…he caught his left toe towards a stump and had some misgivings. What does this inform us about Dele?

(c)  Give two the reason why Dele drove recklessly.

(d) Why was Dele unable to cease his defective automobile?

(e)  What was Dele’s situation after the accident?

(f) After all, didn’t he have safety towards accidents? What literary machine is used on this expression?

(g)   …wildly throughout the street…

(i) What grammatical title is given to the expression as it’s used within the passage?

(ii) What is its operate?

(h) For every of the next phrases, discover one other phrase or phrase which suggests the identical and

can exchange it within the passage:

i.  in all probability;

ii. returns;

iii. groggy;

iv. misgiving

v.  threadbare

vi. reckless.



You are suggested to spend about 50 minutes on this part.

Read the next passage rigorously and reply the questions on it.

You can not anticipate to undergo life with out assembly issues. Difficulties, perplexities, and frustrations are an inevitable a part of human expertise. Accepting this concept of the inevitability of issues will make it easier to to method them in a strong way of thinking reasonably than pondering that you’re a sufferer particularly singled out by malignant destiny. When confronted with an issue, the very first thing to do is to assemble all related information to get acquainted with the info of the case.

Then write down precisely what the issue is, stating it merely in black and white. This offers you one thing particular with which to return to phrases. The drawback is assessed and you’ll now have one thing concrete to cope with.

Next, give severe thought to the issue, ensuring that such thought doesn’t degenerate into fear as fear accomplishes nothing. Aim at clear, dispassionate thought, viewing the issue as if it have been a buddy’s and never your personal. Look at it from all angles and from the perspective of all involved.

You courtroom catastrophe in case you are fully egocentric in your outlook. The single necessary goal of all that is to find all potential options to the issue.

Having examined the issue broadly and impartially, rigorously study all of the potential options or programs of motion. The information that you’ve got achieved this can preserve you from ineffective regrets later when you possibly can remind your self that every one programs of motion have been examined and also you selected what seemed to be one of the best. Next, get rid of all proposed options that are seen on additional regarded as impracticable.

You will now discover that your checklist has been whittled down to 2 or three prospects. At this stage, it’s typically plan to get out into the open air. Go for a stroll or a journey, ideally someplace with vast horizons. There, out within the open, evaluation the issue afresh. You will discover it seems much less formidable. Ask your self how the problem will seem in ten years’ time and even one! This contemporary evaluation will allow you to make a remaining alternative as you flip to the remaining options and, earlier than you come back residence, determine which one you’ll undertake. As you fall asleep that night time, let your final ideas be upon your choice. If, within the morning, you continue to really feel it’s the finest one to take, go forward.

If you have got a buddy who’s able to giving sound recommendation, seek the advice of him. Do this earlier than your remaining choice, in order that you’ll get pleasure from his views earlier than you determine. Talking issues over with one other is at all times an important assist. It allows you to isolate the issue and to determine which elements are necessary. Even if the buddy gives no recommendation, a sympathetic ear will make it easier to. Furthermore, as you describe to your buddy the programs open to you, you will notice them in a clearer gentle. Some will seem unattainable whilst you converse.

Alternatively, one will seem most engaging. In coping with issues, bear in mind the time issue. Although some issues resolve themselves in time and delaying ways is, due to this fact, one of the best type of motion for them, most different issues typically get extra difficult the longer they’re left. You ought to, due to this fact, become familiar with the issues instantly they happen.

All advised, affordable foresight and creativeness can forestall many issues ever arising. Tact, thoughtfulness and accountable conduct may preserve life largely problem-free.

In six sentences, one for every, summarize the steps to be taken when confronted with an issue and state why every step is important.

WAEC English Past Questions And Answers – Paper 3(Test Of Orals)


From the phrases lettered A to D, select the phrase that has the identical vowel sound because the one represented by the letters underlined.

1.   wit

A.  fright

B.  wheat

C.  tree

D.  market

2.   look

A.  glue

B.  you

C.  cup

D.  curious


From the phrases lettered A to D, select the phrase that has the identical consonant sound(s) because the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.

3.   dance

A.  good-looking

B.  sandwich

C.  adjective

D.  pounding

4.   plucked

A.  smiled

B.  slammed

C.  luck

D.  desk


From the phrases lettered A to D, select the phrase that rhymes with the given phrase.

5.         provider

A.        space

B.        barrier

C.        severe

D.        ravine

6.        drought

A.        crowd

B.        nought

C.        shout

D.        taught


In every of the next questions, the primary/major stress is indicated by writing the syllable on which it happens in capital letters. From the phrases lettered A to D, select the one which has the right stress.

7.         acrimony

A.        A-cri-mo-ny

B.        a-CRI-mo-ny

C.        a-cri-MO-ny

D.        a-cri-mo-NY


In every of the next sentences, the phrase that receives the emphatic stress is written in capital letters.   From the questions lettered A to D, select the one to which the given sentence is the suitable reply.

9.         The DOCTOR examined the affected person with a stethoscope.

A.        Did the instructor study the affected person with a stethoscope?

B.        Did the physician remedy the affected person with a stethoscope?

C.        Did the physician study the nurse with a stethoscope?

D.        Did the physician study the affected person with a telescope?


From the phrases lettered A to D, select the phrase that incorporates the sound represented by the given phonetic image.

10.       / ǝ /

A.        correct

B.        nephew

C.        ageless

D.        waddle

WAEC English Past Questions And Answers Pdf

Click here to obtain the WAEC English Past Questions And Answers Pdf.

WAEC English Past Questions

You can use the WAEC previous questions for English Language as an organizational instrument to higher handle your time by planning based on every part of the paper.

In actuality, rewriting is preferable to memorization of information and looking out over notes. Answering actual questions from previous papers may make it easier to put together on your English WAEC Exam. This will improve your probabilities of passing.

For each School and GCE candidates, here’s a assortment of English Language previous examination questions that can assist you along with your preparations for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

The worth of using previous check papers in preparation for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) can’t be overstated, whether or not you might be in your remaining yr of secondary school (May/June) or not within the school system (GCE). You can discover out what you already know through the use of old examination papers as a part of your preparation. Similarly, you uncover what you do not know effectively sufficient or do not know in any respect.

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