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Tulsi Gabbard Biography

Rеаl Nаmе/Full Nаmе Tulsi Gabbard
Nick Name Tulsi
Аgе 39 Years
Birth Dаtе April 12, 1981
Birth Place Leloaloa, American Samoa
Zodiac Sign Aries
Religion Hinduism
Nationality American
Рrоfеѕѕіоn Politician, Army officer
Marital Status Married
Net worth in 2020 $500,000

Tulsi Gabbard Early life

Tulsi was born in Samoa, USA, on the main island of Tutuila on April 12, 1981. Her parents, Mike and Carol Gabbard shifted her family to Hawaii just before Gabbard were 2 years old. Hailing from a racially diverse background, Gabbard is a mixture of Asian, Polynesian, and European antecedents. She has four other brothers, and she is 2nd to the younger child. Impacted by her dad, Mike, who’s also a democratic nation politician, Tulsi was initially against homosexual marriage. Still, afterward, after her combat background, she shifted her position and now proponents for the LGBTQ group.

Tulsi Gabbard Body Measurement

Tulsi Gabbard Body Measurement

Body Measurements 37-26-38
Height Feet inches – 5’ 8” OR  173 cm
Weight Kilograms – 58 kg – Pounds – 128 lbs
Bra Size (Breast) 34 C
Hip Size 38
Waist Size 26
Dress Size 6 (US)
Shoe Size 8.5 (US)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Body Type Slim

Tulsi Gabbard Career

Military Career of Tulsi Gabbard

In April 2003, Gabbard was a member of the Hawaii State Legislature and deployed in the Hawaii Army National Guard. The following year she was dispatched as a specialist doctor in Iraq for twelve months and stayed in the assistance Battalion named the 29th Infantry Brigade Combat squad until 2005. Afterward, Gabbard was dispatched as an Army Military Police Officer in Kuwait from 2008 to 2009. Also, she has earned the Meritorious Service name tag and the Combat Medical name tag. In addition to the above, she also was promoted to Captain Major as well as continues to serve as Captain of the Hawaii Army National Guard.

Tulsi contributed in 2002, known as Gabbard Tamayo, and finally won the elections for the 42nd House of Representatives of Hawaii. Tulsi was able to obtain four seats, made up of 48 percent, with a majoring in hand that earned her the designation of Most Youthful Legislator ever appointed. She has been against identical-sex marriage, which contradicted the rights of all individuals as well as several unions. After this, she gave up her job in the Army and then returned to Honolulu City Council in 2011 with a 33% majority in the election results. During this period, she took a series of measures to raise the municipality.

Gabbard Critics of Tulsi Gabbard

In January 2017, Gabbard was also on a one-week project to meet and investigate several religious and political statistics in Syria and Lebanon. It was a mission finding fact. She also paid two unexpected visits to the Bashar al-Assad, Prezi. She asserted him a horrific dictatorship like Saddam Hussein. In many interviews with Gabbard on Fox News from the years 2013 to 2017, she was found critiquing the president Obama for not embracing “radical Islam” as a severe threat to the U.S. She has also criticized existing President Donald Trump and the U.S. military for the 2020 Baghdad airport as a declaration of violence and even for violating U.S. law. Later, her existence was measured for Donald Trump’s airstrike indictment.

Political Career of Tulsi Gabbard

In 2011, she went to visit Indonesia as part of a peacekeeping training scheme with the Army of Indonesia. Tulsi was voted into office to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2012, representing the second District of Hawaii. She is among the first two women military members ever to serve in the U.S. Legislature and its 1st Hindu member.

Today, in her 4th term at the Congress, Tulsi keeps bringing a variety of real-life experiences, a storeroom of the strength of character, and evaluated leadership as she serves the people of Hawai’i and her nation in the Congress. Even though she did work on the difficulties facing her country, she committed to bringing her progressive approach to working collaboratively, bipartisan, to make real solutions to serve the public. Tulsi continues to serve on the House Armed Services Committee, even though she’s a great proponent for service members, veterans, and crucial intelligent choice that greatest preserve her nation.

Tulsi Gabbard Education

Tulsi was home-schooled for much of her high school. She studied at Hawaii Pacific University in the business administration department and received her Bachelor’s degree in 2009.

Tulsi Gabbard Affairs

Currently, Tulsi Gabbard is married to Abraham Williams. They got married in 2015 and live together till now. Before, in 2002, Tulsi was married to Eduardo Tamayo and in 2006 got divorced. There is no other record about her previous relationships.

Tulsi Gabbard Net Worth 2020

It is probably one of the applicants with the least net worth in the 2020 U.S. Democratic presidential election campaign. According to business insider, Tulsi’s net worth is about $500000, many of which she obtained as a part-time real estate developer.

Tulsi Gabbard Family

Tulsi was born in Samoa, USA, on the main island of Tutuila on April 12, 1981. Her father’s name is Mike Gabbard, a democratic nation politician. Her mother’s name is Carol Porter Gabbard.

Tulsi Gabbard children

Tulsi Gabbard has five children.

Tulsi Gabbard Husband

Tulsi Gabbard Husband

Tulsi Gabbard’s husband’s name is Abraham Williams. In 2015, she got wedded to Abraham Williams. He’s a talented video editor, a Steadicam editor, and a cinematographer. He has done work on many short movies, and his 1st full-length movie, released in 2019. He has not revealed his net worth yet. In 2002, Tulsi was married to Eduardo Tamayo and in 2006 got divorced.

Tulsi Gabbard siblings

Gabbard has 3 brothers and 1 sister. Her brothers are Narayan, Jai, and Bhakti Gabbard. Her sister, Vrindavan Gabbard, is the youngest in the family and she is a U.S. Marshall.

Tulsi Gabbard Favorite Things

  • Her favorite Food is Vegetarian food.
  • Her favorite place is Paris.
  • Her favorite Color is Red.

Tulsi Gabbard cars Collection

She has two cars, AUDI A5 and BMW 7 Series.

Tulsi’s Campaign for 2020 Presidentship

Tulsi Gabbard revealed that she was going to run for president of the USA on January 11, 2019. She stopped her presidential campaign and supported former Vice-President “Joe Biden (D)” on March 19, 2020.

Mostly on the election campaign, Gabbard illustrated her – anti-interventionist foreign policy and military background as a veteran of the war in Iraq. “Whenever it comes to the battle against terrorist groups, I’m a hawk. Whenever it comes to the counter-productive war of humanitarian intervention, I’m a dove,” Tulsi said.

Tulsi Gabbard’s Religion

She follows Hinduism as her religion.

Tulsi gabbard surfing

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, between the 14 Democrats running for the presidency and she has become the first encouraged of surfing off the coast of the state Hampshire on New Year’s Day.

Tulsi gabbard height

The height of Tulsi Gabbard is in feet inches – 5′ 8″ OR in centimeters – 173 cm.

Tulsi gabbard feet

Her shoe size is 8.5 US.

Tulsi gabbard workout

Tulsi works out a lot to keep herself fit. She has also shared videos. In which she tells 25 ways of workout on the bench. She also said that “No excuse, start your week right.”

Joe Rogan Tulsi gabbard / Tulsi gabbard JRE

The Joe Rogan Experience is an audio podcast and free video. Primarily, it was released on December 24, 2009. There are numerous episodes of this show. Tulsi Gabbard was also invited to this podcast. You can check out the video “Joe Rogan #1391” on the internet too.

Tulsi gabbard hair

She has beautiful and attractive hair. The color of Tulsi’s hair is Black.

Tulsi gabbard butt

Tulsi Gabbard destroys to the Kamala Harris Butt record criminal prosecutions. You may check out her video on YouTube.

Tulsi gabbard twitter

Tulsi has an enormous fan following on twitter. She has 248.3K Followers on her twitter account. Her twitter account name is @TulsiPress.

Tulsi gabbard Facebook

Tulsi also has a Facebook page named as @TulsiGabbard. Four hundred forty-seven thousand four hundred sixty-seven people like her Facebook page.

Tulsi gabbard vegan

Yes, Tulsi is a Vegan, and she likes to eat Vegetarian food.

Tulsi gabbard martial arts

Yes, Tulsi is a trained martial artist. She posted about it on her Facebook page, too, on December 09, 2018. In which she said that I taught in different martial arts since I was a kid.

Tulsi gabbard mommy

Tulsi’s mommy is Carol Porter Gabbard.

Donate Tulsi gabbard

If you are interested in standing with Tulsi. You can donate here on her website. Here is the link for that https://www.Tulsi2020.com

Facts about Tulsi Gabbard

  • She’s a military veteran, too.
  • She noted cryptocurrency buying in specific economic disclosure.
  • She is a Democrat and fully supports the relationship between the U.S. and India.
  • Tulsi opposed same-sex marriage and LGBT marriage, but now she supports.
  • Tulsi follows Hinduism, and she is the 1st Hindu from the Us Congress.
  • Tulsi was born in Samoa, USA, on the main island of Tutuila on April 12, 1981.


Q1: What ethnicity is of Tulsi Gabbard?
Ans: American

Q2: Who is the husband of Tulsi Gabbard?
Ans: Abraham Williams.

Q3: Is Tulsi Gabbard still running for president?
Ans: No, she ended her 2020 Presidential campaign in March 2020.

Q4: What is the age of Tulsi Gabbard?
Ans: 39 years (in 2020)

Q5: What religion Tulsi Gabbard follows?
Ans: Tulsi follows the Hinduism.

Q6: Who is the mother of Tulsi Gabbard?
Ans: Carol Porter is the mother of Tulsi.

Q7: What is the Tulsi Gabbard Height?
Ans: 5ft. 8″ (173 cm)

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