Top 20 Women Tennis Players in the World

Top 20 Women Tennis Players 2019-20

Here is the list of top 20 women tennis players and the world’s most beautiful female tennis players.

1. Ashleigh Barty

Top 20 Women Tennis Players in the World

Born in Ipswich, Australia, Barty has a partial indigenous background. Her father, Robert, is an indigenous Australian in Ngarigo, and his mother, Josie, is an Australian from Australia.

Barty is playing old-fashioned tennis, consisting of offense and defense. Her ability to hit the ball is not as good as her peers, especially the backhand, but she uses the speed changes and rotation to make the opponent feel uneasy. She has played 14 tournaments and got 6476 points.

 2. Karolina Pliskova

Karolina Pliskova

Pliskova was born in Louny, Czech Republic, and her parents Radek and Martina have been supporting her sports career. She has a twin sister of the same name, Kristyna, who also plays tennis and serves the same size. Priskova is an all-or-nothing player. Her offense is more courageous, using the tall figure to smash the trump card and the winner to most opponents.

The Czechs are players who are centered on the service and are rare on the women’s tour. She uses the big tricks to build her shots, which are squashed and hit hard by both wings. Pliskova is good at volley and often scores online. However, she did not use much change in her style of play, mainly insisting on using a flat drive that runs through the court. She has played 18 tournaments and got 5315 points.

3. Naomi Osaka

Top 20 Women Tennis Players in the World

Osaka was born in Osaka and is considered to be mixed-race. Her father, Leonard Francois, is a Haitian and his mother, Tamaki, is a Japanese. Osaka is a proactive baseline investigator who likes to throw the ball when she rises and pulls away from her opponent. The game in Osaka is centered on the serve and she can take the initiative to serve at any time. She also uses forehand as an offensive weapon and hopes to control the rally by hitting a heavy forehand. Osaka has a backhand of two hands as a fixed-point shot of her forehand. In other words, if there is enough time to solve the problem, she can also use it as an attack tool. Osaka doesn’t have much chance to enter the tennis world, she is content to participate in the baseline of most games. She has played 16 tournaments and got 5246 points.

4. Bianca Vanessa Andreescu

Top 20 Women Tennis Players 2019-20

Bianca Vanessa Andreescu was born on 16 June 2000, in Canada. Her height is 1.7m. she is a gorgeous and hard worker. She has played 17 tournaments and got 5041 points.

5. Simona Halep

Top Women Tennis Players

Halep was born in Constanta, Romania, and moved to Bucharest in 2007. Her father, Stere Halep, is a professional football player who worked for the Romanian football club AS Sageata Stejaru. Justine Henin is the idol of Halep, which may explain the similarities between the two players in style.

Halep is often described as an aggressive enteric player who uses his movements and the speed of the racquet’s head to bounce back in his favor. Her game is not centered on the serve. Instead, Halep relies on his neutrality to get back and forth, and then cleverly wraps the ball around the court. She has a versatile backhand ability. Whether it is a cross or a pass, she can hit the ball with the same confidence, while the forehand has a lot of upper hands, which is especially effective on the soil. Halep doesn’t have much exposure to the network but can take the time to do it when needed. She will also take shots and lobs from time to time to let opponents guess. She has played 16 tournaments and got 4962 points.

6. Petra Kvitova

Top Women Tennis Players

Kvitova was born in Bilovec but received a lot of early training at Fulnek. Initially, she persuaded her father, Pavla Kvitova, to participate in tennis, and Martina Navratilova, who grew up, was her role model. Kvitova is known for its endless offensive games. She will seize every opportunity to murder. The Czechs served with a left-handed scorpion and hit a flat and heavy mine. When she is in a good position in court, she can also go online and easily play volley and overhead. Clivetova has been standing at the baseline or very close to the baseline, and has not played a lot of defense. She has played 16 tournaments and got 4401 points.

7. Belinda Bencic

Top 20 Women Tennis Players in the World

Bencic was born in Flaville, Switzerland. She has a Slovak tradition, and her parents Ivan and Daniela moved from Czechoslovakia to Switzerland in 1968. Bencic is an enterprising player, but not a player in the traditional sense. She rarely tries to make the ball muscle but uses the intelligent shooting to reach the end. The Swiss have a variety of styles and can play many different balls in a single match. She can very effectively change the rotation, speed, and depth of the hitting action, and often resort to chopping or falling to disrupt the rhythm of a point. Bencic’s forehand and backhand are played relatively flat, and whenever she pushes her opponent out of position, Becic will make a layup. She spends most of her time on the rising ball, which helps her take time away from the players on the other side of the net. She has played 25 tournaments and got 4120 points.

8. Elina Svitolina

Top Women Tennis Players

Born in Odesa, Ukraine, Svitolina has a sporting background. Her father, Mikhaylo Svitolin, was a wrestler in his youth, while his mother, Olena Svitolina, was a professional rower. Svitolina has a multifaceted game; she can easily switch between offense and defense. She mostly starts from the bottom line and is good at using the opponent’s rhythm to deal with them. Svitolina’s wings are well balanced and feel comfortable when forehand. However, she rarely ventures into the net and is content to move the ball from the back. The Ukrainian forehand shot is quite large, but the backhand is smoother. She has played 21 tournaments and got 3995 points.

9. Serena Williams

Top 20 Women Tennis Players in the World

Williams was born in Saginaw, Michigan. She and her family moved to Compton, California, early, and then moved to Palm Beach, Florida, where Serena and her sister Venus joined the Rick Macthey Tennis Academy. Williams is perhaps the best prototype of a modern aggressive benchmark analyzer that can strike a lot on both wings. She prefers to stand at the baseline or just behind the baseline most of the time and hit the ball smoothly and hard. Her backhand is considered to be her more solid flank, but her forehand can produce higher speeds, and she can use forehand to decide the game in a longer game. Williams has recognized as the best server in-game history. In the game, her ace number often reaches double digits, which is very rare in the women’s tour. With regular grip and smooth serve, Williams often releases big serve to save breaks or get out of trouble. She has played 10 tournaments and got 3935 points.

10. Kiki Bertens

Top Women Tennis Players

Kiki Bertens was born on 10 December 1991 in Wateringen Netherlands. She is a beautiful and talented tennis star. Her height is 1.82m. She plays with the right hand. She has played 26 tournaments and got 3870 points.

11. Johanna Konta

Top Women Tennis Players

Born in Sydney, Australia, her parents Gabor and Gabriella are from Hungary. The entire family moved to Eastbourne in 2005 and they have lived there ever since. Konta is an offensive player who wants to be high from the bottom line and close to the Nets to score points. Her backhand is relatively flat, while the forehand is hit with quite a few spins. Konta uses his right to serve on the court. She doesn’t rely on a lot of chances to win points, but when she is forced to defend the wing, she does show a backhand advantage. She has played 17 tournaments and got 2879 points.

12. Sofia Kenin

Top 20 Women Tennis Players in the World

Sofia Kenin was born on 14 November 1998 in America. She is a beautiful and gorgeous tennis player. Her height is 1.7m. She has played 23 tournaments and got 2615 points.

13. Madison Keys

Top Women Tennis Players

Born in Rock Island, Ill., Keys first became interested in tennis when he liked the white dress of Venus Williams at the Wimbledon Tennis Open in 1999. She is a mixed-race, father Rick is African-American, and mother Christine is white. The case is extremely aggressive at all times and relies on her natural strength to keep her time away from her opponents. She uses the service to build her forehand and gains an advantage in the rally, and also has a great swing in the reverse. Keys has recently begun to approach the network more frequently but is primarily a benchmark player. She is known for her skillful approach or soft hands, but when she finds herself on the Internet, she can effectively volley. She also performed well when the serve was re-issued, which is why many people think she is an all-around offensive player. She has played 17 tournaments and got 2607 points.

14. Aryna Sabalenka

Top Women Tennis Players

Sabalenka was born in Minsk, Belarus, from a sports family. Her father, Sergey Sabalenka, is a hockey player. Sabarenka’s introduction to tennis was accidental. She and her six-year-old father are driving through a tennis court, and she started playing there just to try it out. Sabarenka and tennis played very hotly, and since then she has never looked back. Sabarenka is one of the hardest players to play on the women’s tour, and only knows one style of play: full attack. Her forehand and backhand were both cut and flattened. She also has a straight teeing ground for building a powerful hitter. The Belarusians did not have much access to the net and did not use too many bottom lines or shots. She has a fairly one-dimensional game in which she uses her enormous power to defeat her opponent. She has played 23 tournaments and got 2520 points.

15. Petra Martic

Top 20 Women Tennis Players in the World

She was born on 19 January 1991 in Croatia. Petra Martic is a professional tennis player from Croatia. After the international first show in 2008, she reached the highest singles ranking in her career. October 15, 2019. Martic won the singles championship in the WTA Tour – 2019 Istanbul Cup and entered the 2019 French Open quarterfinals. She has played 17 tournaments and got 2458 points.

16. Marketa Vondrousova

Top 20 Women Tennis Players in the World

Marketa vondrousova was born on 21 July 1998 in the Czech Republic. She is a gorgeous tennis player. Her height is 1.8m. She has played 11 tournaments and got 2390 points.

17. Angelique Kerber

Top 20 Women Tennis Players in the World

Kerber was born in Bremen, Germany, from Poland, from Slawomir and Beata. Shortly after her birth, she moved to Kiel, where she started playing tennis when she was three years old. Kerber is naturally right-handed but plays left-handed because of its inherent advantages. As a professional player, she did not achieve many early successes, but her unique game eventually began to show the results she had longed for from her career. Kerber is an excellent defender who relies on her speed, forward-looking and footwork to win the game. She rarely, if ever, is willing to go online. In any game, she spends most of her time below the baseline or baseline. Kerber’s teeing ground is not a typical left-handed area, and it lacks a heavy turn so famous for people like John McEnroe and Petra Kvitova, but she does use the slider to push the opponent in place in the ad law court. Her hitting action is not as many as the traditional left-handers, but she can use the forehand to create a wide-angle, which is good for her in long-distance games. Kerber often uses lob and lob. She has played 21 tournaments and got 2275 points.

18. Elise Mertens

Top 20 Women Tennis Players in the World

Mertens was born in Leuven, Belgium, but currently lives in Hamont-Achel. Her father, Guido, is engaged in the handcrafting of church furniture, and her mother, Liliane, is a teacher who specializes in language and history. Mertens has a family education and her mother’s proficiency in language has enabled her to speak fluently in three languages: English, Dutch, and French. Mertens is an enterprising player who likes to pick up the ball early and kick the ball to the corners of the wings. She has a pre-emptive attitude, and whenever she gets a neutral ball in the rally, his gestures are hard to beat. Her playing rhythm doesn’t change much, but she can take beautiful pieces and occasionally shoot. Mertens is also close to the net to reach the endpoint set by her massive moves and has a special affinity for swing volley. She has played 25 tournaments and got 2190 points.


19. Alison Riske

Top 20 Women Tennis Players in the World

Alison Riske, also known for her married name Alison Riske-Amritraj, is a professional tennis player in the United States. She reached the 20th place in the world in the highest singles career in October 2019 and won her first WTA Tour Championship at the Tianjin Open in October 2014. She has played 23 tournaments and got 2185 points.


20. Donna Vekic

Top 20 Women Tennis Players in the World

Vekic was born in Osijek, Croatia, but currently lives in Monte Carlo. Her father’s name is Igor, and her mother’s name is Brankica. Vekic is coached by Torben Beltz and considers the hard court to be her favorite venue. However, she gained most of her early career on the grass, entered the fourth round of Wimbledon in 2018 and won the Nottingham Championship in 2017. Vekic is a motivated player with little perseverance. She slammed hard and struck the wings, and minimized the swing of the racket to reach the end. Vekic didn’t use too much change after the game, but occasionally took out points or shots to surprise the opponent. She also doesn’t touch the net very often, but she is not completely uncomfortable with a volley. She has played 22 tournaments and got 2185 points.

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