Top ten Best Hotels in Pakistan

Here is the list of Top Ten Best Hotels in Pakistan.

1. Serena Hotel Islamabad

Top Ten Best Hotels In Pakistan

Serena is a five-star hotel located in Islamabad between Rawal lake and Marghla hills. It is the most expensive hotel in Pakistan, charges an average of 40 to 48 thousand per day. Serena is built on 14 acres with a 35,000 square foot Maisha spa and health club that guests can enjoy. Inside furniture is dark and represents Pakistani culture.

2. Avari Towers

Top Ten Best Hotels In Pakistan

Avari Towers in Karachi is one of the best hotels in Pakistan. This is a leisure resort on Fatima Jinnah Road in Karachi, Pakistan. The hotel has 20 floors and 236 rooms. It is a four-star hotel with international standard luxury facilities, including a swimming pool, restaurant, air conditioning in all rooms, wireless internet connection, and much more. The hotel offers a peaceful environment, excellent service, and amazing food quality.

3. Avari Hotel, Lahore

Top ten Best Hotels In Pakistan

Avari Hotel Lahore is the second-best luxurious hotel in Pakistan. It is present in the center of Lahore and having all sorts of facilities. It has five restaurants in which every Pakistani dish is served. Avari got the best customer service award in 2008 and charges 30k to 35k per day.

4. Pearl Continental Hotel

Top ten Best Hotels in Pakistan

Pearl Continental Hotel is the largest chain of resorts and hotels present in every metropolitan city of Pakistan. Pearl Continental Karachi was the first five-star hotel opened in Pakistan, and it has the honor to serve Queen Elizabeth 11, King Hussain, and Nelson Mandela. The PC chain gives free wifi. Also, facilities like plasma and DVD player are included. The hotel charges 15k to 18k per day.

5. Sheraton Karachi Hotel 

Top ten Best Hotels in Pakistan

Sheraton Hotel & Towers is present along the beach in Karachi. It is five-star and has five restaurants and 407 luxury rooms. The facilities like the gym, swimming pool, and other entertainment are present on the way to the hotel rooms for all visitors. The building of this hotel is earthquake-proof, and also its security is way better. The Sheraton Hotel & Towers charges 22k to 25k per day.

6. Movenpick Hotel Karachi

Top ten Best Hotels in Pakistan

Movenpick is a five-star built in the busy business leisure of Karachi and just 17 Km away from international airport Karachi. The hotel can accommodate up to 1000 people for a conference or meeting and has nearby places for shopping. The facilities include free wifi, gym, free breakfast, and a free ride to the airport. One day’s stay at the hotel costs 15k to 17k.

7. Karachi Marriot Hotel

Top ten Best Hotels in Pakistan

Karachi Marriot Hotel is a four-star built in the heart of Karachi with 211 lavish rooms. The hotel provides free wifi, free parking, free ride to the airport, and also facilities like gym and rental bicycle present to avail. Easy access to shopping and even a nearby beach to visit. The hotel costs 18k to 20k per day.

8. Luxus Grand Hotel

Luxus Grand Hotel is 76 rooms five-star hotel present in Lahore. The hotel facilitates guests with free wifi, free ride to the airport, fitness center, and also free parking. Luxus Grand Hotel charges 12k to 14 for a day.

9. Heritage Luxury Suites

Top ten Best Hotels in Pakistan

Heritage Luxury Suites is the most expensive hotel in Pakistan. The hotel charges up to 260$  in October and 80$ in February. Ghaddafi Stadium and Lahore zoo are 8 to 10 minutes by car.

10. Faletti Hotel

Top ten Best Hotels in Pakistan

Faletti Hotel is among the modern, new, and innovative hotels. Faletti Hotel is located at 24 Egerton Road, Lahore. It is one of the oldest hotels, but still retains modern art and architecture and has been refurbished. The design combines colonial and contemporary decor. This hotel has a long history dating back to 1880 during British rule. The hotel has impressive business facilities and a great restaurant.

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