Smith Machine Squat Death Video Check Accident Footage Who Was The Girl

As it is a universal truth that all the persons who all are living has to meet his death in a surprising and unexpected way. However, some of the people meet with their death in some of the worse ways as some will get murdered in a brutal way. Whereas some of the people even decided to meet end their own life and some meet with dreaded accidents that claimed their life. Just like that, another scary incident took place lately in Mexico that claimed the life of a woman. Smith Machine is receiving much attention nowadays after a horrific video has been released and surfacing on the Internet. Get more information on Smith Machine Squat Death Video.

According to the latest reports, a woman and a mother belonged to Mexico metropolis featured in a disturbing video recorded at a gym. As we all know that a significant amount of individuals are passionate about bodybuilding and fond of getting a pristine shape and breaking sweats in the gym. Well, along with the passion sometimes people will forget that they should be careful while performing workouts.

The video of a woman in the gym showing a terrible Smith Machine accident. The machine is considered as one of the renowned equipment of the gym prominently used for weight training and consist of a barbell that is fixed between two steels rails. But along with famous and old equipment, it is also quite risky as most of the gym freaks meet with the accident while performing exercise on it. The woman was also working out assisting with the machine and was lifting 180kg. The weight is clearly way too heavy for the woman.

Besides, the woman is trying to perform squat but collapses in between and the heavy barbell fell on her. The woman died on the spot and the entire incident was recorded in the CCTV footage. Although it is quite unclear what happened next to the lady. But it is being assumed that is quite difficult to survive such a kind of jeopardized accident.

Most of the netizens are affirming that the accident claimed her life but none of the posts has been confirmed on the news. The video was first uploaded on the Instagram page with the user name USA Crime. The video has been posted on 23rd February 2022. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more updates.

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