Skyway Bridge Accident Who Is Kristen Kay Watts Driver Responsible For Today Arrested

As per reports, Kristen Kay Watts is responsible for the Skyway Bridge accident. Yes, it is coming to the front that the accident where a transport truck rolled over on top of the Burlington bridge involved Kristen. The flyover accident took place on Sunday, February 6, 2022. Florida Highway Patrol has stated that the woman was traveling northbound on Interstate 275 which was closed for the Skyway 10K. It was at that moment that she collided with a soldier’s SUV. Now, the woman has been arrested for DUI. Check complete details here.

The soldiers also shared the details of the incident telling the driver was speeding in a 2011 BMW 334i North on Interstate 275 at about 9 AM. The lady identified as Kristen approached a closed section of the race and was unable to turn to US 41 as instructed. It is stated that the officer tried to stay over Watts but she continued moving to the north. According to police, Kristen discovered two Florida Fish and Wildlife officers who were guarding the northbound tollgate but despite this, she did not and continued to drive. As the news has been shared on social media, the woman has become the topic of debate.

People are trying to search for ‘who is Kristen Kay Watts’ and are keen to know about her. Well, as per the sources, Kay is a 52-year-old woman. At the time of the accident, she was the sole occupant in the car. The collision was so intense that it not injured her severely but also the police. The details of the soldier who was the victim of the car accident have not been revealed yet. Due to some reasons, the soldier’s identity has been kept secret. As he was badly injured, the soldier was taken to the hospital.

Apart from the officer and his SUV, it is reported that no Skyway runner was got killed in the crash. However, the woman has been arrested by the officers for causing a ruckus on the flyover. Well, it is not just about any person being killed in the accident but about the woman too as she could have gotten serious and life-threatening injuries in the crash too. Even though the crash did not hurt anyone badly, the police have detained Kristen, who has now become the topic of discussion. We will update you about her after getting any proper information. Till then, follow us for more updates!

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