Sirf Tum 22nd March 2022 Full Written Episode Update, Check Out Spoiler Alert!

Sirf Tum 22nd March 2022 Episode Written Update: Ranveer Brings Suhani Home. This installment of Sirf Tum brings to the viewers a heart-warming story of love and compassion. He ensures that she is safe and takes care of her throughout the night. The next day, Ranveer takes her to the hospital to meet her husband. Ranveer has finally brought Suhani home. He has been trying to get her home for a while now, but things have not been going as planned. The authorities have been chasing him all over the city, and he has had to use all his cunning to finally bring her home. Stay tuned to our website for more latest updates!!!

Sirf Tum 22nd March 2022

As always, the episode is packed with drama and suspense, and we can’t wait to see what happens next. Suhani comes and stops him from getting into the car. Does she ask what happened? What are you doing? Ranveer says -I was coming to apologize for my behavior with u in the office. Suhani looks at him-But your behavior with me in this house, how can I and anyone else accept it. Ranveer gets sad and says -I had no options left so I did this. she holds her ears and shouts of joy!

Sirf Tum Today Full Written Episode Update

She calls Ranveer inside and thanks him a lot! She starts getting emotional and tells him that she has got back everything which she lost now she knows if someone loves her then he will understand everything Sirf Tum is one of the most famous and popular serials aired on India TV. It is a story of two cousins whose lives get entwined while they are growing up. Taking a look at the 22nd march episode, you will find that things have gotten to a point where even gauhar has realized what she’s done wrong. Ranveer is accepted by the family as Suhani’s husband.

There’s still a lot of time left in the show so it is crucial to find out how everything unfolds from here on and that would mean working hard to catch all the remaining episodes. It is time for everyone to celebrate as Ranveer and Suhani (Drashti Dhami) get married. The lavish wedding ceremony of these two star-crossed lovers will begin. Everyone is waiting for the arrival of Suhani and Ranveer.  There is excitement among the villagers, but there is a spark of jealousy in Avni’s eyes too. She is upset but doesn’t know what to do.

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