Sirf Tum 21st March 2022 Full Written Episode Update, Check Spoiler Alert!

Sirf Tum 21st March episode starts with Ansh and Suhani’s marriage anniversary. They go to a cake shop to buy a cake. They observe the decoration in the shop and decide to gift a diamond necklace to each other as they were short on budget. When they come home, they fight with each other on who will buy the gift. Their family hears them and decides to call Ranveer as he is a good mediator between them. Everyone goes to Ranveer for help. Sirf Tum is an Indian fantasy-romantic television drama serial that will be aired on Star Plus. Stay tuned to our website for more latest updates!!!

Sirf Tum 21st March 2022

The drama show was launched on January 1st, 2019 and it is airing every Sunday at 7 PM in India. The show revolves around a newly married couple who get trapped in an illusion world by a witch. Then only Ranveer helps them to get out of the illusion world and they can return to their own world Announcing the new upcoming serial on Zee TV, Sirf Tum 21st March 2022 Written Episode: Ansh And Suhani Seek Ranveer’s Help. This is a story of love, sacrifice, and patience. It is produced under the banner of Contiloe Productions. The writers of this drama are Manas Chhabra and Dapinder Singh. Ansh is upset with Suhani because he couldn’t find out the culprit and asks her to stay in her room.

Sirf Tum Full Written Episode Update

He tells Dev that he wished Suhani didn’t come back. Meera keeps on praying for the well-being of her children and cries thinking about their suffering on their father’s account. Be it the damp smell of raindrops from a rainy night or the beep of an alarm that wakes on a lazy Sunday morning, these are the sounds that make you happy. Therefore, as promised, will be talking about the visit to Dhaani’s house where Ansh had taken Suhani for a special surprise visit. The surprise was she would want to gift something significant but she can’t because it is risky for the baby.

Therefore, she asked her husband to travel along with her family and celebrate their success at some other time. In today’s episode of Sirf Tum, Ansh and Suhani seek help from Ranveer to resolve their dilemma. Ranveer is hesitant to get involved but eventually agrees to help them after thorough consideration. He suggests that they approach the dispute head-on and try to come to an agreement. However, this proves to be quite difficult as both parties seem unwilling to budge. Ultimately, Ranveer comes up with a plan that might just allow them to reach a resolution.

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