Shane William Ryan Drops 20 kg On Man In Gym, Arrested Video, All Charges & Allegations!

Hello guys we have really shocking and terrible news for you. Recently a man named Shane William Ryan was arrested for dropping almost 20 kilograms of weight over a man in the gym. Online users are reacting to this incident and it was a really disheartening video to watch. We would like to express my deepest sympathy to the victim. Now Shane has been sent to Jail for 19 months. The whole incident happened in Next Level Gym in Roseberry. The video immediately started circulating on various social media platforms. Stay tuned to our website for more latest updates!!!

Who Is Shane William Ryan?

In his defense, he stated that it was an unproved attack and he never meant to do that. But unfortunately, the skull of the victim cracked and he had major injuries all over his body. The Identity has not been revealed yet but he was immediately taken to the hospital and the doctor is very able to save his life. It was a normal day at the gym and everybody wants to do a workout but suddenly this horrible situation came across and the other individual was also terrified by this whole accident.

Shane William Ryan Drops 20 kg On Man In Gym Arrested Video

The face started swelling and the local police also mentioned that their relationship was really friendly and they have never been enemies so it was a total accident. But he has to face punishment and his family also mentioned that he had also suffered an ankle injury. Both of them were working out during the morning and the victim was not able to defend himself and he was in a vulnerable position. Online users are discussing this case and they have their own theories and opinions regarding this horrible incident.

Shane William Ryan All Charges & Allegations

there are no grudges between them this is the first time that some incident of this kind is getting a lot of attention on who will be your social networking sites. Some online users are proving that a gym can be dangerous for you and it should be done very carefully as there are a lot of heavyweights and iron things present in the workplace. we will be back with some more breaking and fascinating stories from all over the world so tell them to stay tuned to our website for more updates.

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