Sarahs Day Baby Welcomes Her Second Child With Husband Kurt Tilse, Check Out Pics Name & Video!

It’s been a little over a year since Sarah’s Day Baby, a YouTube channel and blog that chronicled the ups and downs of motherhood, welcomed its first child into the world. In the time since, Sarah has welcomed another little one into the world and this time, her husband Kurt Tilse was by her side to film and document everything. From the moment she was born to her first steps, every minute of it was captured on camera for all to see. Sarahs Day Baby is a web series created by husband and wife team Kurt Tilse and Sarah Bowerman. Stay tuned to our website for the latest updates!!!!

Sarahs Day Baby

The show follows the couple as they document their journey of motherhood. Recently, the duo welcomed their second child into the world, and to celebrate, they put together a sweet little video documenting the experience. In the video, Kurt shares that he and Sarah have been trying for a while to achieve the “perfect baby.” They’re glad that they finally got their dream baby, and they can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them. It must be said, Sarah and Kurt are doing very well in their parental journey.

Sarahs Day Second Baby Pics

The couple is still in the process of figuring out their child’s sleeping patterns, but it looks like this family will be one healthy, happy bunch. There is no doubt that there are many gamers and internet personalities out there trying to grow families, which is exactly what makes this pairing so perfect! Congratulations to the happy parents on their new bundle of joy. With over a million subscribers and a popular YouTube channel, Sarah Day has been able to build herself a vast community of followers. Her second child is no different and if anything, his arrival was even more documented by Sarahs’ fans.

Ultimately, it’s important to remain positive and push through the challenges that come with taking care of a newborn. These problems are not exactly unique to those who have previously had children, but they can still be difficult to deal with. As Sarah put it: “Don’t ever feel like you’re the only people who have to face this stuff. But regardless of the child, or the situation, growing a family is never easy. There are moments of joy, but there are also challenges. Those who get through it all can be proud as they look back.

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