Moneybagg Yo Net Worth 2020: Girlfriend, Dating, Biography, Age, Height, Weight

Moneybagg Yo net worth 2020

His net worth is estimated at $400 thousand. He got $200 thousand upon signing to Yo Gotti’s CMG imprint.

Moneybagg Yo Age

Since Moneybagg yo was born in 1988, he is currently 31 years old.

Moneybagg Yo Height

The height of this good looking American rapper is 5 feet 11 inches. In other words, it is 1.80 m.

Moneybagg Yo Profession

Moneybagg yo is an American rapper and songwriter by profession.

Moneybagg Yo Real Name

Demario DeWayne White, Jr is the real name of Moneybagg yo.

Moneybagg Yo Nicknames

Moneybagg yo is known as the nickname of Demario DeWayne White, Jr.

Moneybagg Yo Birthday

Moneybagg’s birthday is on September 22, 1988.

Moneybagg Yo Place of Birth

This famous rapper’s place of birth is Memphis, Tennessee, United States.

Moneybagg Yo Zodiac Sign

Moneybagg yo’s zodiac sign is Virgo because he was born on 22 September.

Moneybagg Yo Career

Moneybagg Yo started his career as a street artist. Moneybagg released his first mixing tape on April 16, 2012, and released his mixing tape “From Da Block 2 Da Booth” through “Bread Bang Entertainment”. In the same year, he released another remix tape on October 6, 2012, titled “October 20th.” In addition, Moneybagg yo continued to release its own mixtape in 2014 and 2016. Later, he collaborated with the famous rapper Yo Gotti.

Moneybagg Yo Biography

Demario DeWayne White Jr. was born on September 22, 1991. His stage name Moneybagg Yo is better known as an American rapper. He signed with Yo Gotti’s record label CMG in October 2016. He also signed a distribution agreement with Interscope. His two recent projects, Federal 3X and 2 Heartless, are ranked 5th and 16th on the Billboard 200, respectively.

Moneybagg Yo Family

His family’s grades are under review, although he is the oldest of his three siblings. In an interview with radio host DJ SuperStar Jay and Gray Rizzy, he revealed that he had seven children born to four women. He mentioned in his song that the four children were boys.

Moneybagg Yo Personal life

Moneybagg Yo made several legal mistakes. On March 14, 2016, he was arrested along with “27 Maserati Clubs” at a CD release party for possession of weapons and drugs. It was also reported that he participated in the “New Jersey Toll Road” rest shooting event held on August 19, 2017. The rapper likes wearing a headscarf and usually wears jeans. He likes drinking red wine and likes expensive cars and jewelry.

Moneybagg Yo Marriage

Moneybagg is not married and he had been dating Megan Thee Stallion. But according to Ari Fletcher’s recent posts on social media, nowadays he is dating Ari Fletcher.

Facts About Moneybagg Yo

  • He is not married yet.
  • He has the ability of creative expressions.
  • He Is Outdoing Artist Signed to Major Labels.
  • Yo Gotti is Major Influence.
  • He Sticks To What He Knows.

Moneybagg Yo Nationality

Moneybagg yo is American by nationality.

Moneybagg Yo Awards & Achievements

Moneybagg yo earned a “Memphis Hip Hop Award for Mixtape of the Year”.

Childhood and Early Life

Moneybagg yo was born on September 22, 1991, in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. There is hardly any information about the home background, early life and education of this talented rapper. He attended a local middle school.

Moneybagg Yo Education

Moneybagg yo attended Mitchell High School. His education isn’t mentioned more.

Moneybagg Yo Religion

This popular American rapper follows Islam as his religion. Moneybagg Yo declared that he has converted to Islam in a video that was recorded alongside his “Federal Pressure” collaborator Kevin Gates.

Moneybagg Yo Collective Music Group

He contracted to Yo Gotti’s record label, Collective Music Group (CMG), in October 2016. Moneybagg Yo, published on November 2, 2018, through Collective Music Group, N-Less Entertainment, Bread Gang.

Moneybagg Yo Discography

His discography includes:

  1. 2 Heartless 2018
  2. 2 Federal 2016
  3. Bet On Me 2018
  4. Federal 3X 2017
  5. 43va Heartless 2019
  6. Reset 2018
  7. Money Bags From The Trap 2018
  8. From Da Block 2 Da Booth
  9. October 20th
  10. Federal Reloaded

Moneybagg Yo Wife  

He isn’t married yet, he is dating Ari Fletcher. Her real name is Ariana Fletcher. Her date of birth is July 12, 1995, it means she is 25 years old. She is a Model and Social Media Personality. Her net worth is $ 100 thousand.

Moneybagg Yo Siblings

His family’s result is under review but although Moneybagg yo is the oldest of his three siblings.

Moneybagg Yo Works For which Company

Moneybagg yo is signed to Interscope Records, Collective Music.

Moneybagg Yo First Album

Moneybagg yo’s first album is Federal Reloaded.

Moneybagg Yo Best Songs

Best songs are Toes, U played, All Dat, Protect da brand, No sucker, Moneybagg yo old songs, Da Block 2 Da Booth, and October 20th.

Moneybagg Yo Teeth

The Memphis rapper has always been known for the grill in his mouth, but now he proudly shows off his brand new bright white teeth. “Not embarrassingly cheap big teeth!” Yo wrote in an Instagram post, showing off his brand new set of chompers. He invested lot of money for his teeth.

Moneybagg Yo-Movies

He has not worked in movies, but while talking in an interview he said he is going to be in a movie soon.



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