Marcus Rashford Video Went Viral All Over, Marcus Rashford Showing Middle Finger To Fans Become Sensation!

Hello everyone and recently Manchester United were knocked out of the UEFA Champions League competition by Atletico Madrid where the goal of Renean Lodi eliminated them. The situation is not really good in the Manchester United dressing room as there are several factions and disturbances. But recently the video of Manchester United forward Marcus test for is going viral all over the internet where he could be seen showing a middle finger to a fan. Stay tuned to our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Marcus Rashford Video

It is a really disrespectful notion by the player to the Manchester United at Mira and he also stated that emotion got the better of me and when he was asked about the whole incident. Is currently 24 years old and now the fans are heavily criticising you for the action heated while he was going towards the team bus and it is a 30 second video circulating on the Twitter. Manchester United has been a really inconsistent team throughout the season and they are not performing well after recruiting superstar players.

They have been struggling as a whole unit of and heavily criticised by the football Pandits. Marcus rashford himself have not been up to his potential in this season after he came back from the injury. Has not been scoring goals and also fans are saying that he is creating drama and post paragraphs on Twitter to defend himself. But this is a really tarike table moment for all the fans as the players and not performing well on the pitch and they are trying to defend themselves using politics and other excuses.

Recently a club Legend stated that this club is going nowhere if such players will be playing for this team and a board like the glazers will run the club. There is no optimism and Fighting Spirit in the players and Ronaldo did not even get the chances during the match and he was heavily criticized. There is not a single problem with Manchester United but multiple problems are present in the team. Some players were even spotted saying that a the heavily criticized the tactics of Ralph and didn’t see him leading this team to a victory.

The top four spot for Manchester United as a really difficult as Arsenal have been sensational after their initial defeats. But going back to Marcus rashford he further defended himself by saying that he was and using me over and over and that’s why I had to take this action. We all know the case of mason Greenwood how the whole accident went viral over the Internet after he assaulted his girlfriend that’s why the team is it currently in negative moral.

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