Man Accidentally Slamming 20kg Weight on Gymgoer Head Full Viral Video CCTV Footage Darwin, Australia

These days, uncounted viral videos are making the rounds on social networking sites while hitting the headlines as well, but not all the time these incidents lead the inappropriate ones sometimes these videos turn into controversy as well. Something similar is again coming out, as a video of a 33-years-old man from Darwin is creating the buzz, as soon as the users are getting acquainted with the video uncounted relations are coming out, where a few are slamming the person who is seen while making such a worst exploit with another one, so below you could get everything you need to know.

As per the exclusive reports or sources, only a few hours passed of sharing the video and despite this, it is hitting the headlines up to the extent, because whenever something comes into the limelight while containing something controversial, it fetches immense attention. Besides all these, the person whose prime involvement is standing behind the exploit, in short, a man from Darwin has been taken into custody through the concerned authority due to the crime he made in the gym with another one, which does not require any forgiveness, hence everyone is requesting the concerned authorities to take strict action against him.

Man Accidentally Slamming 20kg Weight Video

33-year-old man from Darwin has been detained by the concerned authority for smashing a 20kg weight on the head of a fellow gymgoer. The entire scene has been recorded by the CCTV camera which was placed on the ceiling of the gym, and therefore, as soon as the footage went viral on social networking sites, it started grabbing huge reactions from the side of users. Because the behavior he has done with the fellow gymgoer does not require any forgiveness and kindness, hence, almost everyone is urging the concerned authorities to sentence him with strict punishment.

As soon as the footage is making huge rounds on social media, the culprit started receiving immense backlashing, as he hit the person to his lethal injuries. Therefore, as soon as everyone is watching the video their shocking reactions are coming out because besides the two no one was there in the gym. After a while, when the victim filed a complaint against the defaulter while having footage the concerned authority and Gym management took strict action against him. So if you want to get deeper then you could stream the video as it is available on social media.

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