Kanye West and Trevor Noah Controversy, What Is KOON BAYA Meaning? Scandal All Details Explained!

So as we all know that the divorce controversy between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is still a hot and trending topic on the internet. So recently West was involved in a controversy where the comedian Noah describe him as a black person who is anti-black and never support the community by saying him as Koon Baya. Change the use of the word the online users are really excited to know about the meaning and why it was used against the superstar. Stay tuned to our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

What Is Koon Baya Meaning?

According to the urban dictionary, the slang word means that a black individual who is involved in anti-black activities and is doing some work totally against the black Kim Kardashian have been revealing some really horrible and false acquisitions against the superstar and he is constantly trying to defend himself. he is also fighting with me now boyfriend of Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson. awesome controversy regarding the daily so as why he was absent after such a long time.

Kanye West and Trevor Noah Controversy

after using such a controversial word and harassment language the Instagram account of West has been suspended and now his friends are protesting against the guidelines of the social networking platform. The divorce breaking stories of the couple are trending all over the internet and the people are debating in thousands and millions of numbers. They are choosing sides in this horrible matter and it is going to take a really long time to solve this situation.

Kanye West and Trevor Noah Scandal Explained

It is definitely looking like Kanya West doesn’t have The upper hand in this matter. There are some friends of The rapper and there are some friends of Kim Kardashian who are constantly blaming the other ones it is not only a couple of wars but it has now become a group war among two sides. Only god knows where this will end and how much compensation the accused person will have to pay. We don’t have any more updates regarding this case to till them state you with our website and we will be back with some more curious stories.

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