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The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) is a Nigerian tertiary admissions examination board. The board administers the UTME, or Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, to potential undergraduate college students at Nigerian universities. The board can also be in command of administering comparable exams to individuals making use of to Nigerian private and non-private monotechnics, polytechnics, and schools of education. All of those candidates should maintain the West African School Certificate, now often known as the West African Examinations Council, WAEC, or its equal, the National Examination Council (Nigeria), NECO. Read beneath to search out out JAMB Past Questions And Answers On English.

JAMB Past Questions On English

JAMB examination will final from the sixth of May, 2022 to the sixteenth of May, 2022. Make positive you have studied all of them completely earlier than taking the examination so you can reply them shortly. JAMB On English CBT questions are actually accessible on-line; please pay attention to this very important info. Before you start the examination, needless to say JAMB is not going to help you convey any associated supplies with you to the examination. It’s preferable in case you do loads of apply with the JAMB Past Questions And Answers On English earlier than the examination. Read beneath to search out out English JAMB Past Answers

JAMB Past Answers On English

It is vital that we uncover the strategies and concepts that may assist us obtain good scores on the JAMB Past Questions On English. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has its personal set of questions in Engish, and understanding the patterns and main matters in English will enable you to do effectively. Some of us, for instance, are not sure in regards to the that means of doable inquiries. A doable Jamb English query is just a query compiled from the Recommended textbook. This conceivable or probably query is not going to be requested in your examinations. These questions, then again, can help you to sharpen your thoughts in preparation for the main UTME examination. Read beneath to get the JAMB Past Questions And Answers On English.

JAMB Past Questions And Answers On English

JAMB Use of English Questions 2017 2018


At this time, one thing like a thousand sorts of animals (vertebrate animals) will be mentioned to be in peril of extinction. A couple of of them have been decreased to this precarious place by in depth killing however the majority are disappearing solely as quick as the actual sort of nation they want for existence is itself disappearing: and all this by the hands of man, as typically as not by mistake.

There are three species of turtles whose future survival is menaced by the demand for turtle soup, which might hardly justify the extermination of an enormous reptile whose family has existed for 200 million years. Leopards are in jeopardy due to the style for his or her skins. As they get rarer, the costs rise and, as leopard pores and skin coats develop into dearer, the demand will increase.

No species can lengthy survive the worth of N60,000 which a half-grown child leopard now carries on its pores and skin. And crocodiles, the longest surviving reptiles, are actually dwindling alarmingly because of the style in crocodile pores and skin for girls’ purses and males’s footwear.

The human inhabitants explosion spreads mankind throughout the land surfaces of the earth at an alarming price. There shall be twice as many people earlier than most of us are dead. Does this imply no room for wild animals? Of course not. With ingenuity and forethought, a spot will be saved for them.

To destroy their habitat is as pointless as it might be to drag down an awesome cathedral with the intention to develop potatoes on the positioning. A marketing campaign to avoid wasting what stays is the priority of a brand new sort of Noah’s Ark – the World Wildlife Fund. It doesn’t imagine that each one is misplaced.

1. The fundamental causes of the elimination of sure animals from the earth embody

A. man’s resolution to live in cities and the event of huge farmlands

B. in depth killing of animals and the quick disappearance of their beneficial habitats

C. man’s penchant for meat and the sale of animals for meat and hides

D. a deliberate battle towards Nature and the hunt for leopard pores and skin.

2. From the passage, the angle of the author will be described as.

A. partial

B. optimistic

C. detached

D. pessimistic

3. The expression when man developed a conscience means when

A. man developed an consciousness of proper and fallacious

B. man’s mind improved tremendously

C. man acquired new habits

D. man grew to become a vital creature.

4. Which of the next statements is true in accordance with the passage?

A. Man kills animals solely when he can afford to take action.

B. Man can not spare these animals that eat his form.

C. Man eats all classes of animals.

D. Man poses the best risk to Nature.

5. The sentence there shall be twice as many people earlier than most of us are dead means

A. some improve in human and animal inhabitants progress charges

B. mankind is quick spreading throughout the earth

C. many people will die because of inhabitants explosion

D. the inhabitants progress price will double earlier than our loss of life.


The 2002 World Cup Competition, additionally known as Korea/Japan 2002, kicked off with a match between the defending champions, France, and the Senegalese nationwide staff from Africa.

Nobody had given the Senegalese any probability towards the star-studded defending champions however the 1-0 scoreline in favour of Senegal confirmed that African soccer can now not be taken as a right.

This surprising defeat of France had raised Africa’s hopes of going past the primary spherical of the event. So when the Super Eagles of Nigeria filed out towards Argentina on the morning of Sunday, June the second, 2002,

many Nigerian soccer fans delayed attending church service to look at the match live on tv. As anticipated, the Super Eagles put up sturdy resistance to the Argentinian problem and the day wouldn’t have ended on a somber notice for Nigerians if the momentum had been sustained all through the match.

The hope of going past the primary spherical, although precarious, was very a lot alive because the Eagles had been anticipated to defeat their subsequent opponents, Sweden and England. But some shortcomings within the Nigerian nationwide staff wanted to be rectified to brighten their possibilities towards their subsequent opponents.

First, the defence wanted to be strengthened to forestall the opponents from incessantly terrorizing the goalkeeper. Then the strikers additionally wanted to enhance on their lackluster efficiency towards Argentina, since each Nigerian anticipated them to overwhelm their subsequent opponents within the opening rounds. Lastly, somewhat than gamble with unfit gamers, a extra artistic use of the reserves could be essential to clean the way in which to the subsequent spherical.

If World Cup debutants, Senegal , might nurse the hope of taking part in within the knock-out phases of the event, then the Eagles ought to soar as an alternative of being intimidated by massive names, for no staff is invincible.

6. Which of the next captures the author’s suggestion on how the Eagles might enhance their efficiency in subsequent matches?

A. Better goalkeeping, a greater assault and a stronger midfield.

B. Replacement of injured gamers, stronger attackers and a rugged defence.

C. Good teaching, extra strikers and extra defenders.

D. Fair officiating, good goalkeeping and quick gamers.

7. An acceptable title for this passage is

A. African Teams within the 2002 World Cup

B. The FIFA Korea/Japan 2002

C. The Nigerian and the Senegalese Teams

D. The Eagles in World Cup 2002.

8. From the argument within the final paragraph, it may be concluded that the Eagles had been

A. extra skilled than the Senegalese staff

B. not as sturdy because the Senegalese staff.

C. extra timid and goal-shy than their opponents

D. undecided of attending to the subsequent spherical of the event.

9. The phrase debutants, as used within the passage, means

A. hard-fighters

B. under-dogs

C. first-timers

D. large killers.

10. From the passage, it may be concluded that the author

A. was optimistic in regards to the possibilities of the Eagles

B. didn’t fancy the Eagles’ possibilities

C. was non-committal in regards to the possibilities of the Eagles

D. was sure in regards to the Eagles’ possibilities.


Attitudes in the direction of the smoking of cigarettes and the consumption of alcohol could also be used as an instance typical African ethics. Apart from the truth that smoking has now been linked with lung most cancers illness, the African moralist has all the time regarded smoking as a sign of ethical degradation. Plenty of individuals have accepted the moralist thought on smoking. Some have shunned smoking, and people who might affect others, akin to dad and mom and non secular leaders, have additionally exerted their affect to forestall others from smoking.

On the opposite hand, a great many individuals have remained detached to the moralist view and have continued to smoke. The identical argument has been utilized to the consumption of alcohol. The African moralist, basing his judgement on the behaviour of some alcoholics, tends to treat the behavior of taking alcohol as an indication of wretchedness.

The moralist holds the view that anyone who kinds the behavior of consuming alcohol won’t ever do effectively in live. While this can be true in respect of some individuals within the society, the concern of the moralist has not been justified. However, the economics is primarily within the behavior of smoking and the consumption of alcohol in as far as they offer satisfaction to people who smoke and drinkers and so generate a provide of and demand for tobacco and alcohol. The economist is thinking about understanding what number of packets of cigarettes are consumed and to what extent a rise or fall in consumption might have an effect on manufacturing that’s, provide. Similarly, he’s thinking about how a lot beer is consumed and the way the provision of beer will regulate to the demand for it. He examines the habits and the pressures which may result in the readjustment of desires and the reallocation of sources to cowl the desires. Some ethical ideas related to faith have a tendency to steer on to financial issues.

Followers of sure religions are anticipated to not eat pork, take alcohol or smoke tobacco. Devotees of some non secular teams, then again, can eat pork whereas others are anticipated to abstain from alcohol and smoking. Strict observance of those ethical guidelines might cripple the breweries, the cigarette factories, and a few companies. However, there appears to be a rising variety of alcohol customers and cigarette people who smoke – a growth which must be of curiosity to the economist.

11. The positions maintained by the moralist and the economist will be described as being

A. at variance

B. very agreeable

C. fairly detached

D. very passionate

12. Which of the next statements is true in accordance with the passage?

A. People who drink or smoke absolutely die of most cancers.

B. Everyone ignores the moralist view on ingesting and smoking.

C. Smoking and ingesting might have constructive results on the economic system.

D. Total abstinence from ingesting and smoking is a spiritual obligation.

13. It will be concluded from the passage that morality, faith and economic system are

A. clearly interconnected

B. definitely completely different

C. considerably interconnected

D. definitely unrelated.

14. The view expressed by the author within the final paragraph is that

A. the variety of alcoholics and people who smoke is definitely rising

B. extra individuals now abstain from ingesting and smoking

C. extra individuals seem to take to ingesting and smoking

D. gross sales of alcohol and tobacco merchandise have improved tremendously.

15. According to the passage, the moralist thought is that

A. it’s sometimes African to not smoke cigarettes

B. individuals ought to settle for a standpoint solely when they’re satisfied

C. smoking is just not good however slightly alcohol could also be permitted

D. the smoking of cigarettes is unhealthy and unacceptable.


The passage beneath has gaps numbered 16 to 25. Immediately following every hole, 4 choices are offered. Choose essentially the most acceptable choice for every hole. A ready speech is just not straightforward to ship, particularly if it isn’t written by the presenter. A …16…(A. doc B. free C. manuscript D. quantum) supply is one through which the speech has been written out phrase for phrase and is learn to …17…(A. a gathering B. a convention C. a congregation D. an viewers). This sort of supply is normally reserved for very …18… (A. formal B. real C. impromptu D. assured) events when precise wording is …19…(A. conclusive B. vital C. reportive D. speculative), such because the State of the Union Address or speeches earlier than the United Nations General …20…(A. Negotiation B. Organization C. Assembly D. Audience). The major benefit is that the speech could also be extremely …21…(A.polished B. superior C. analogous D. discreet) when it comes to phrase alternative, turns of phrase, and growth of concepts. The predominant drawback is that such a supply is tough to do effectively. Reading aloud with significant …22…(A. anticipatory B.profuse C. bifocal D. vocal) inflection requires the speaker to be very acquainted with the textual content. If not, the phrases will come out in a uneven, expressionless manner. Such poor supply might destroy any …23… (A. interactive B. restrictive C. constructive D. decisive) results created by the fastidiously chosen …24… (A. language B.slang C. dialect D. rhetoric) Lack of familiarity with the …25… (A. trade B. textual content C. notice D. context) might additionally stop the speaker from sustaining eye contact with individuals being addressed.


In every of questions 26 to 30, choose the choice that finest explains the knowledge conveyed within the sentence. Each query carries.

26. In spite of his humble starting, Audu now throws his weight round.

A. Audu is boastful regardless of his easy upbringing.

B. Despite his apparent poverty, Audu is a proudman.

C. His noble beginning however, Audu is a corrupt man.

D. From his poor background, Audu is now a wealthy man.

27. Ngozi has all the time thought of her father to be an impassioned man.

A. Her father is a really full of life man.

B. Her father is an emotional man.

C. Her father is a disciplined man.

D. Her father is a really strict man.

28. The elders rebuked Olu for taking challenge along with his principal.

A. Olu was cautioned for shouting at his principal.

B. Olu was scolded for appearing in collusion along with his principal.

C. Olu was reprimanded for arguing along with his principal.

D. Olu was blamed for issuing an announcement denying his principal.

29. The supervisor paid us in laborious forex.

A. We had been paid in new notes.

B. We had been paid in overseas forex.

C. We had been paid in {dollars} and pound sterling.

D. We had been paid in a robust and steady forex.

30. If he went to London, he would see the Queen.

A. When he goes to London, he’ll see the Queen.

B. He didn’t go to London and didn’t see the Queen.

C. He didn’t see the Queen when he went to London.

D. He want to see the Queen when he goes to London.

(Questions 31 to 100 carry 1 mark every.)

In every of questions 31 to 45, select the choice reverse in that means to the phrase(s) or phrase in italics.

31. Only those that are gullible fall sufferer to his trickery.

A. saucy B. devastated C. courteous D. astute

32. He is well-known for his inordinate ambition.

A. extreme B. passionate C. average D. sound

33. Students might be timid.

A. pleasant B. daring C. covetous D. pugnacious

34. The witness determined to hide the proof.

A. disclose B. disguise C. destroy D. pugnacious

35. The members of the congregation had been impressed by the sermon.

A. bewitched B. enthralled C. disenchanted D. disorientated

36. Agbenu was ecstatic about her consequence.

A. dispassionate B. unhappy C. pessimistic D. mad

37. The labor chief’s recalcitrant stance was applauded.

A. cussed B. versatile C. uncompromising D. well-informed

38. A cool tub in a scorching climate will be actually invigorating.

A. devastating B. unpalatable C. debilitating D. disgusting

39. I’m loath to do the task.

A. keen B. unwilling C. ready D. dying

40. Toyin is married to an impatient, self-centered man.

A. a fretful B. a tolerant C. an edgy D. a tolerable

41. Gregarious animals will be discovered within the zoo.

A. Various B. Wild C. Lonely D. Tame

42. The physician examined the affected person painstakingly.

A. perfunctorily B. professionally C. painfully D. fastidiously

43. The firm has continued to monopolize the distribution of the merchandise.

A. centralize B. specialize C. liberalize D. regularize

44. A conservative estimate put the variety of lacking individuals at forty.

A. A tough B. An correct C. A primitive D. An incorrect

45. The company has sworn to take care of all of the apostles of confederation.

A. proponents B. protagonists C. apostates D. opponents.

In every of questions 46 to 60, select the choice nearest in that means to phrase(s) or phrase in italics.

46. The chief has the unstinting assist of his occasion.

A. unsparing B. laudable C. uninspiring D. cautious.

47. The occasion supporters vilified the Chairman for the position he performed within the disaster that rocked the occasion.

A. elected. B. challenged C. condemned D. impeached

48. The firm is to shed three thousand employees this 12 months.

A. demote B. lay off C. throw up D. placate

49. There was a glut of oil available on the market.

A. quite a lot of B. an accumulation of C. an abundance of D. a rise in

50. A couple of years in the past, no person would have believed that the economic system would flip round.

A. deteriorate B. enhance C. stagnate D. change

51. Before saying his retirement, Ochima resolved to decide on account with the financial institution.

A. pay again all he owes B. shut his account with C. retire his loans from D. get again at

52. The boys knew {that a} storm was imminent.

A. doable B. impending C. threatening D. encroaching

53. The nurse was in favour of voluntary euthanasia.

A. a painless loss of life B. a easy operation C. a sleeping capsule D. a serious operation

54. The cynics feared that the nation’s nascent democracy would fail.

A. pessimists B. delinquents C. critics D. illusionists

55. The essence of governance is to hunt the nice and well-being of the vast majority of the individuals.

A. significance B. purpose C. attribute D. secret

56. From what she mentioned, one might infer that she doesn’t just like the course.

A. suppose B. notice C. deduce D. agree

57. He shared his room with an individual whose habits was fairly nauseating.

A. disrespectful B. disgraceful C. discouraging D. disgusting

58. The carpenter constructed a commodious wardrobe.

A. gigantic B. small C. spacious D. extensive

59. Publishing as a enterprise enterprise has develop into a scorching potato in Nigeria.

A. disagreeable B. worthwhile C. unacceptable D. costly

60. The man’s story sounded believable to his viewers.

A. improbable B. credulous C. credible D. entertaining

In every of questions 61 to 85, fill every hole with essentially the most acceptable choice from the checklist offered.

61. ‘I can’t stand individuals prying into my personal life’, Ladi mentioned. ‘…,’

(A. Me neither B. Me too C. I additionally D. Likewise myself) agreed Agbenu.

62. The sergeant spoke to me in a … 

(A. coerce B. coarse C. course D. causal) method.

63. The purpose why he was not supplied admission was …

(A. as a result of B. that C. when D. proudly owning to) his outcomes couldn’t be discovered.

64. Adika… 

(A. obtain B. receives C. has acquired D. had acquired) a message from the membership commonly.

65. Three quarters of the individuals within the village … killed however solely half of their huts … 

( A.had been/was B. had been/had been C. was/was) affected.

66. If you noticed the {photograph} of the person, … 

(A. can B. will C. would D. might) you be capable of establish him?

67. It is unhealthy to take… 

(A. another person’s B. somebody’s else C. somebody’s else’s D. somebody elses’) property with out permission.

68. As Obande doesn’t know anybody on this metropolis, he hopes that some form… 

(A. males B.people C. man D. inhabitants) will put him up for the evening.

69. Be cautious to not… 

(A lose B. unfastened C. loss D. misplaced) this cash.

70. How is the brand new editor… 

(A. pushing B. going C. getting D. shifting) on along with his work?

71. Nowadays, many graduates usually are not effectively disposed to educating,… 

(A. do they? B. they’re? C. aren’t they? D. are they?)

72. The armed robbers went into the home and robbed the three… 

(A. girls’s occupants B.girls occupants C. girl occupants D. girl’s occupants).

73. It is usually… that inflation…

 (A. say/resulted B. mentioned/consequence C. mentioned/outcomes D. say/consequence) from an excessive amount of cash chasing only a few items.

74. If you’d do me this favour, I …

 (A. will B. shall C. would D. ought to) be very grateful.

75. I’ve the … 

(A. privilege B. privilege C. privilege D. privilege) of assembly the President.

76. My classmate,…

 (A. that B. whose C. whom D. which) I haven’t seen for years, wrote to me final week.

77. Four weeks… 

(A. has been B. are C. had been D. is) sufficient for the police to conclude their investigation.

78. The girl is likely one of the …

 (A. elitists B. elites C. elite D. elitist) of the society.

79. The physician requested the affected person what …

 (A. is the issue B. the issue was C. the issue is D. is your drawback).

80. He put… 

(A. a white dozen eggs B. dozen white eggs C. a dozen white eggs D. white dozen eggs) in a basket.

81. Idakwo ran… 

(A. lest he virtually B. lest he’ll C. lest he ought to. D. lest he might) miss the prepare.

82. Course …

 (A. materials B. supplies C. materials’s D. supplies’) writers are to mirror native color.

83. It was a free-for-all and the scholars had been blamed for taking the legislation… 

(A. into their arms B. of their arms C. into their very own arms D. in their very own arms).

84. Ali performs… 

(A. their B. some C. a D. the) violin with outstanding talent.

85. The candidate’s charisma must be a…

(A. determinable B. figuring out C. determinant D. determinate) consider profitable the election.

In every of questions 86 to 88, select the choice that has the identical vowel sound because the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.

86. colonel

A. gaol B. colony C. golden D. woman

87. have a tendency

A. jeopardy B. turned C. earned D. caned

88. market

A. get B. mortgage C. enter D. bachelor

In every of questions 89 to 91, select the choice that has a special vowel sound from the others.

89. An expensive B. honest C. bear D. there

90. A. hope B. price C. coast D. received’t

91. A. naught B. north C. spot D. legislation

In every of questions 92 to 94, select the choice that has the identical consonant sound because the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.

92. concrete

A. attend B. anxious C. concern D. contemplate

93. chalet

A. college B. chemical C. chairman D. champagne

94. tooth

A. although B. taught C. thought D. tank

In every of questions 95 and 96, select the choice that has a special consonant sound from the others.

95. A. shoe B. ocean C. chef D. chief

96. A. snigger B. off C. wife D. of

In every of questions 97 and 98, select the choice that has the identical stress sample because the given phrase.

97. cement

A. make use of (noun) B. curiosity C. excellent (adjective) D. embody

98. typist

A. insurgent (verb) B. excellent C. refuse (noun) D. suggest

In every of questions 99 and 100, the phrase in capital letters has the emphatic stress. Choose the choice to which the sentence relates.

99. My MOTHER served rice and contemporary fish stew for dinner.

A. What of sort of meal did your mom serve for dinner?

B. Did your mom serve rice and contemporary fish stew for lunch?

C. What sort of stew did your mom serve for dinner?

D. Who served rice and contemporary fish stew for dinner?

100. The President SPOKE to the press.

A. Who spoke to the press? B. to? C. Did the President communicate to the press? D. Did the President write to the press?

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