Is Yasmin Rashid Dead or Still Alive? Pakistani Politician Yasmin Rashid Death Hoax Explained!

Recently, the respect and Provincial Minister of Punjab for Primary & Secondary Healthcare and Specialised Healthcare & Medical Education, Yasmin Rashid has become a trending topic after her death hoaxes started to appear on all over social media. Yes, the Pakistani politician has grabbed the immense attention of the netizens and even officials after some rumors related to her passing went viral on social media and people started to search about it. According to the viral news on the Internet, the Pakistani politician and Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) senior leader, Dr. Yasmin Rashid has sadly passed away which is totally fake news.

Keep reading to get more updates on these ongoing rumors. Well, this information has been announced hoax on social media and some of the sources are believing that she died on March 21, 2022. Since the rumors started to spread all over social media, it has become a hot topic conversation among netizens of Pakistan as she belongs to the country. Being a politician of Pakistan, Yasmin Rashid is a social activist who is the current Provincial Minister of Primary & Secondary Healthcare and Specialised Healthcare & Medical Education since August 2018.

Is Yasmin Rashid Dead or Still Alive?

Unfortunately, the rumors related to Rashid’s death are totally fake and she is currently fit and fine. According to the posts, the fake news of Rashid’s death due to cancer has been circulating on social media sites including Twitter. After the news went viral among netizens, they rushed to the official website to know about this tragedy. Speaking to the Lahore News, the Health Minister mentioned that she is completely fit and fine and working in her office.

After the news reached Dr. Yasmin Rashid, she took Twitter and stated,” I would like to thank everyone for their prayers and concern. I am Alhamdolillah quite well and very much alive. Any other news is just fake news”. The politician, Yasmin Rashid was born on September 21, 1950 in Chakwal, Punjab, Pakistan. She took her education in Neela village in Chakwal district before going to Lahore where she was educated at the Convent of Jesus and Mary. Later, she married in 1972.

Dr. Yasmin Rashid Death Hoax Debunked

After 6 years of her marriage, she earned her MBBS from the Fatima Jinnah Medical University in Lahore. Along with this, she also earned an MRCOG degree in 1989 and a FRCOG degree in 1999. From 1998 to 2000, she also served as the President the Pakistan Medical Association and also, the chairperson of the Task Force Women Development.

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