Is Kelecia Mayo Dead Or Alive? Taz Hayes Shooting Update What Happened With Her?

A 22-year-old woman named Kelecia Mayo was hit by a bullet by Keith Humphrey, a police chief. The bullet was not even intended for her it came but it came close to taking her life. After the incident, Humphrey was placed on administrative leave on Saturday. It was in accordance with the Little Rock Police Department’s protocols for officer-involved shootings. The video footage of the incident had also become the subject of interest among many at that. Although the incident happened a while ago, netizens are searching if Kelecia Mayo is dead or alive.

As per reports, the police chief had shot at an armed woman on New Year’s Eve. It all happened when Keith Humphrey saw a fight in the parking lot and while getting out of his car. Meanwhile, a woman fired her weapon into the said group that alerted the police chief. Humphrey pulled out his weapon to fire it at the suspected shooter. The shooter was identified as 29-year-old Taz Hayes. Later, the officials took Hayes who was uninjured into custody.

Kelecia Mayo Dead Or Alive

Unfortunately, Hayes’ gunfire injured another woman, aged 22. The said woman was Kelecia Mayo. Taking her health into consideration, Kelecia was immediately taken to a Little Rock Hospital. According to a police sheet, the woman who was severely injured was in critical condition in January, when the incident had taken place. The next day, Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr had confirmed that Humphrey was involved in the shooting.

As his involvement was confirmed, the police chief was put on administrative leave in accordance with the department’s standard protocol. Now, the netizens have been expressing their curiosity about the well-being of the injured woman and want to know if she is dead or alive. As per reports, Kelecia Mayo seems to be doing fine. Yes, it is reported that she is not dead and is very much alive. As no reports claiming her death have surfaced on the internet yet, it can not be confirmed if she has died.

Currently, we can not really confirm if she has passed away. Several sources seem to confirm that she is not dead. Apart from this, not much information about the 22-year-old woman has been revealed yet. At present, we do not have much information about the lady. Details involving her date of birth, family, boyfriend, and other information are unknown. Stay tuned to this space to get more such updates.

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