Is Ernie Turtleman Aka Brown Jr. Dead Or Alive? What Happened To Him? Met With An Fatal Crash Accident Video!

Hello my dear friends, today we have come again with very good information for you. Rumors of a Turtleman taking hearts and running away with them have been going around lately. But, after doing some extensive research, we’ve found that there’s just not enough evidence to back up these claims. So, what’s the real story? This trend is likely a result of people’s curiosity being piqued by the recent popularity of heart-wrenching horror movies. But, even if this is the case, it’s still not anything to worry about. Stay tuned to our website for the latest updates!!!!!!

Is Ernie Turtleman Aka Brown Jr. Dead Or Alive?

In fact, heart attacks are one of the most common causes of death in adults, so it’s best to be safe and not believe in stories like this one. The rumors of a heart attack linked to Turtleman were debunked by medical experts. They say that the recent trend of people creating and sharing images and videos of animals with unusual injuries is nothing new. What is new, however, is how social media has made this trend more popular than ever. So, if you’re looking for ways to pass the time until the latest news about Turtleman dies down, read on for some fun facts that will have you laughing instead!

What Happened To Ernie Turtleman?

In the middle people on Turtleman’s Facebook page began to comment about his death. They said he died from a heart attack. The rumors say that he was at PAX East when he suffered a heart attack and was taken to ER. Some say he has passed away and some say he is still in the hospital. A supposed ‘friend’ commented that many people have seen Turtleman duck-diving and posting “anonymous comments” on various fan websites. A massive rumor-mongering campaign on the internet has been deliberately trying to spread rumors about Turtlemans tragic demise.

A few days back, we reported that Mintsphere had acquired Turtleman (the rumor was confirmed by Mintsphere itself with Zeebiz ). However, there was a separate rumor-mongering campaign that went around stating that one of the co-founders at Turtleman, Harsh Agrawal had died of a heart attack, The Internet has been abuzz with rumors of the untimely death of Turtleman after a heart attack during one of his notorious eating challenges. It appears that this outlandish hoax was started by a Facebook page, RIP Turtleman  (now disabled) which posted a fake obituary, allegedly from  Tulsa World, mourning Lionheart’s passing.

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