Is Ciara Pregnant In 2022? Tiktok Video Goes Viral

A TikTok video of Ciara went viral on the platform, indicating the singer may be expecting as early as 2022.

This has not been commented on by Ciara, who has three children. Some followers, however, think they heard the news earlier than the singer announced it.

Ciara has often spoken about her pregnancy journey in the past, but now her current TikTok has some people scratching their heads.

TikTok Video goes viral

TikTok user lolaloveu5, who goes by the name lolaloveu5, shared the video on her platform on Monday, March 19.

Lola is a Ciara fan, and she got the chance to meet her at a live event. The TikTok user did have the chance to take a picture with Ciara, as she was able to capture the moment on video.

@lolaloveu5 This beat is automatic supersonic hypnotic funky fresh Ciara? Yes ma’am😍😍 @ciara #icon #buckhead #fyp ♬ One, Two Step (feat. Missy Elliott) – Ciara

The two-shot a short video together at the same time. In a caption, Lola described it thus: “his beat is automatic supersonic hypnotic funky fresh Ciara? Yes ma’am”.

After watching the video for some hours, many people were happy to learn about the singer’s pregnancy.

Fans believe that Ciara is pregnant

Many fans noticed that Ciara appeared to be growing a baby bump. Twitter users were also surprised to learn that the singer might be expecting, thanks to the video.

If Ciara is pregnant, she might do something beautiful at the Met Gala to reveal her pregnancy, said a user. Another user congratulated Ciara after her pregnancy news broke.

Another user commented that if Ciara is pregnant, they would hate for her privacy to have been ruined by Tiktok.

Despite speculation that the video revealed her pregnancy, Ciara’s social media seems to be saying otherwise.

In recent months, the singer has shared several photographs that might have left everyone wondering if she’s pregnant or not. Ciara showed off her slender figure in one of the pictures as well.

Ciara has not yet responded to the pregnancy rumors.

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