Is Alosha Noor Dead Or Alive? Pagal Tissue Lelo Yaar Girl Committed Suicide? Death Rumors Hoax Reason!

Hello guys and very devastating and terrible news is circulating all over the Internet as some new sites are claiming that the famous tissue Lelo girl Alosha Noor Has committed suicide. We will be talking about the whole matter in this article, so keep reading this one. So coming straight to the point, we don’t have any solid evidence regarding this matter as only those sites are claiming such a thing. There have been no official comments by the local authorities and the family of the girl. Stay tuned to our website for the latest updates!!!! Alosha Noor Pagal Tissue Lelo Yaar Girl Dead?

Alosha Noor Commit Suicide?

The girl went viral all over the Internet because of her latest video where she could be saying that please take a tissue to a stranger. Several people were thinking that she was doing sexual activity with the other individual. And many people turned the video into really disgusting, but still such content creates a lot of hype over the Internet and the video gathered more than millions of views all over the world. Now, suddenly the news has arrived that she has committed suicide because of the leaked video.

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Alosha Noor Death Reason

But as we said that there is no official evidence of. Online users are really shocked as the news came over various networking sites and everybody was sharing the same thing. The girl is reportedly from Pakistan and she is currently 20 years old. She was born in 2001. We don’t have the residence details on the youngster and this was our first video that went viral all over the Internet. As the video went viral all over The Internet. If several people were already predicting that those people who are constantly uploading the videos on their social media accounts are ruining her life.

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The topic has become one of the most searched the ones all over the world. As always, such videos gathered millions of views and likes. And this may lead to some devastating actions. And now the rumors are circulating over social media. But maybe the video was uploaded intentionally to gain some public attention, and now the rumor may also be part of another publicity stunt. But still, we don’t know for sure what’s happening. We hope that the girl is fine and we will be back with some more updates regarding this case.

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