Irpin Bridge Video Went Viral All Over On Social Media, Leaves Everyone Scandalized!

Hello my dear friends, today we have come again with very good information for you. A chilling video from Ukraine’s war-torn east has emerged which shows embattled residents taking cover as vicious shelling knocks down trees and sends dust-devils dancing in the air. The footage, captured by an AP crew, shows several men and women scrambling away to safety as three Grad rockets zoom past them and into the city of Donetsk 30km away. They are met with ferocious counter-fire from Russian armor and anti-aircraft units. Go, go, go!’ yells one war correspondent to a colleague, while another shouts: ‘This way!’. Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs has released disturbing footage showing the evacuation of people from a town north of the capital, after heavy shelling. Stay tuned to our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Irpin Bridge Video

In the video, a woman is seen screaming: “Go, go, go! Get out! Get out!” as she runs with her baby in a stroller and a man holds a toddler by his hand. A video showing the explosion of a Russian missile in the Ukrainian town of Winniza has emerged. The footage shows locals and journalists fleeing the town of about 27,000 people, which is located about 35 kilometers from the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. As the town of Avdiivka came under heavy fire from the Russian-backed rebels, it was left to local media to document the ordeals being faced by its residents.

As the video of the shelling shows, however, this is only part of it. For in the shelling reports and disseminated information are not enough: there is a need for live communication, real-time reporting and a need for people’s feelings to be conveyed. As the fighting in eastern Ukraine intensified, another shocking massacre appeared to have been committed by pro-Russian rebels. This time, the targets were the citizens of a town who had dared to oppose their occupation. In the video, which has been uploaded to YouTube, a man can be seen pulling a child towards a bus while residents escape one by one.

A woman is seen being pushed out of the bus when a man holds her by the arms. A video filmed yesterday shows Ukrainian residents and journalists fleeing a town north of Kyiv amid intense shelling, as reported by Radio Liberty. The six-minute video shows citizens running through the streets of Krasnoarmiysk, an industrial town located 32 kilometers north of Kyiv, as they flee their homes while Russian artillery bombarded the area. In a video provided to The Associated Press, residents, and journalists

Who were gathered for a street protest in Artemivsk, about 40 kilometers (25 miles) north of the front lines near Donetsk, can be seen running for cover as shelling starts? … The video shot by resident Roman Hukshin shows Ukrainian soldiers waving frantically at the residents to leave and shouts of “go, go, go!” before the shelling starts. Dust swirls on the road and there is constant screaming and cursing as people run away. The footage shows some shells landing but no damage to buildings.

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