How Did Yousef Makki’s mum Debbie Die? What Happened To Her?

Three years ago, on March 2, 2019, cops were called to Hale Barns, a wealthy village in Greater Manchester. After reaching there, the police had found Yousef Makki on the floor having a stab wound to the chest while another individual named Joshua Molnar was seen applying pressure to the wound using his t-shirt. As the death was suspicious, the police started interrogating Molnar. Earlier, he refused to know who stabbed Yousef but after further investigation, he revealed that it was him. After learning about her young son’s death, Yousef’s mother Debbie also died. Check the complete details here.

Confessing his crime to the cops, Molnar revealed that he was the perpetrator and he acted in self-defence. While Yousef was taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead there. Talking about Yousef Makki, he was a boy from a working-class single-parent family in Burnage, Manchester. Because of his hard work and dedication, Yousef had gained a scholarship to Manchester Grammar School where fees are £13,380 per year.

It is reported that Makki’s mother saved up the money to afford her son’s uniform costing £1,000. After getting admission at the school, Makki met Adam Chowdhary who was reportedly present on the night he was stabbed to death. According to the reports, Yousef, Chowdhary, and Molnar were together on the day when Makki was killed. It was revealed that at an underground supermarket car park, the trio met. There Makki showed the knives to Molnar they had brought during a school break.

Later, the three boys went to a country lane near Manchester airport. Reportedly, Adam had organized a cannabis deal. During the deal, two associates of the dealer beat Molnar. The latter accused Chowdhary and Makki of doing nothing while he was attacked. The boys met again at 6:30 PM where Makki and Molnar get into an argument. Briefing the details, Molnar said that Makki pulled out his knife first which resulted in him pulling out his knife too. Later, Molnar stabbed Makki to death. Adam and Molnar hid the knives and called the police.

Now, it is coming forward that the 17-year-old Yousef Makki’s mother Debbi Makki died too in May 2020 after falling ill. Her family revealed that she died ‘with a broken heart’ and she was 55-year-old at the time of his death. Johsua Molnar who killed Makki was sentenced to 16-month detention while Adam Chowdhary was handed four-month detention. Follow for more updates!

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