How Did Viggo Sorensen Died? Youngster Golfer Passed Away At 17

A rising golf star Viggo Sorensen has passed away recently leaving all his loved ones in tears. The sad news of his sudden demise was confirmed by his mother Nathalie while tributes have been pouring in for the young golf star. But how did the young golfer die so soon?

Read ahead to know more about Viggo Sorensen and his sudden demise.

Who Was Viggo Sorensen?

Viggo Sorensen was a young Danish boy who was just 17 years old but was evolving as a rising golf icon. He was a member of the Jumeirah Golf Estates. He was notably the best golfer who was thriving to be at the top always.

Born to Nathalie and Thomas Sorensen, Viggo Sorensen died to soon last Sunday this month. The sad news was broken out and the UAE Gulf was left with this mourning news. He was soon to head to the United States on scholarship and was looking for some best Institutes.

How Did Viggo Sorensen Die?

It was reportedly this Sunday when the news of the young golfer came out. However, he was being hospitalized after suffering a cardiac arrest and was later found in a coma. Doctors treating Sorensen said that he couldn’t come out of the coma and was later announced dead.

The news of his death has left all his family and loved ones broken in pieces as he was the much-loved person both in the family and in the professional place. His loved ones have remembered him and paid their heartfelt tribute to the young golfer.

Family And Friends Remember Viggo Sorensen

It was reportedly Nathalie Sorensen who first spoke her heart out on the news of the sudden demise of her son. She stated that he was the much-loved person in the family who loved helping and encouraging everyone. She went on to share that Viggo was a talented golfer who wanted to be the best in everything. Her other mates from the golf industry expressed their grief on the loss of their mate Viggo whom they loved so much.

One of his friends shared that he was shocked by the news and that he would play golf to pay honor to Viggo. A known one of Viggo shared that Viggo was a cheerful person who had a good sense of humor too. Nonetheless, the Jumeirah Golf Estates held a memorial for Viggo Sorensen on 6th Feb at 5 pm to pay tribute to the late golfer.

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