How Did Mia Ikumi Die? One of Tokyo Mew Mew’s Creators Cause of Death? Dies at 42

One of the famous Japanese manga artists who is best known for being the illustrator of Tokyo Mew Mew, which was a noted manga series that she created with Reiko Yoshida. Her death news has created a buzz on the internet and as soon as her fans got to know that Mia Ikumi has passed away they took their social media to mourn her death. As per the sources Ikumi died from a subarachnoid hemorrhage on March 7, 2022. However, she died before but her death news recently started getting viral.

Born on March 27, 1979, the noted Manda Artist Mia Ikumi died on March 7, 2022, at the age of 42. Well, if you are thinking that how did she become this famous so we would like to let you know one thing that story writing seems to be in her blood because she wrote her very first manga series The Sleeping Princess of Berry Forest when she was just 18 years old and at that time her book gained much love from the readers and that was the time when her life turned towards her dream and following her dreams and as a result, she got immense popularity.

Well, no doubt that today the Anime industry is mourning the loss of one of its gems and saying this won’t be bad that she was one of the mind-blowing illustrators whose penned-down stories always become love and worth reading. She was the co-creator of Tokyo Mew Mew. She was 42 years old at the time of her death. Now coming to the main thing confirmed her passing news so the news was firstly confirmed by a Japanese privately-held publishing company headquartered in Bunkyō, Tokyo Kodansha Ltd.

Well, other reports have not been confirmed yet such as her last rites and e.t.c but soon we will give you an update on that as well. Our saddest condolences are with her family and fans across the globe and with a heavy heart we have to say goodbye but no doubt she will always remain alive in our hearts and brains through the books she left in the market. May her soul rest in peace.

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