How Did Isabel Torres Die? Star of HBO Max Series Veneno Cause of Death

The popular Spanish actress Isabel Torres has sadly passed away. The 52-year-old’s family confirmed her sudden passing. The family took to Isabel’s Instagram account to share the news and wrote in Spanish that Isabel Torres died on Friday, February 11, 2022. They further added that her family and friends deeply feel her loss and that they know that wherever she goes she will have fun. The actress’ family went on to thank the fans for all the messages of concern and affection and said that she has left feeling very loved and embraced.

As per reports, Isabel Torres died of metastatic lung cancer after battling the dreaded disease for a long time. Back in March 2020, the actress has shared the news of her being diagnosed with cancer after noticing symptoms while she was in production on Veneno. In a TV interview, the Spanish actress had said that she was in the middle of filming the series and felt pain. Even though she underwent treatment to cure the disease, it has metastasized to her bones.

Torres posted a video on Instagram last November in which she said that her doctors had told her she has two months to live. In the TV interview, Isabel Torres stated that her life has not been easy and without realizing it, she has made her life a battle. The actress added that she does not know if the battle will end soon or a little bit later but she is sure of one thing she is not going to stop fighting until her last breath.

Although the actress shared the news of her getting diagnosed with lung cancer in 2020, she was reportedly first diagnosed in 2018. At that time, Isabel had said “Let’s see if I get over it”. Following the news of her sudden death, Isabel Torres co-actors and everyone she worked with and knew took to social media to pay her sincere tributes. The actress’ co-star JEDET thanked Torres for living and everything and wrote that her heart is broken in Spanish.

Talking about Isabel, she was born in 1969 in Gran Canaria, Spain and was a transgender pioneer on her native island. Isabel was the first woman on Canaria to legally change her name and gender in 1996. She rose to fame with her role on the 2020 series titled “Veneno” where she essayed the oldest of three versions of Christina Ortiz Rodriguez, a trans icon and Spanish star better known as “La Veneno”. At the Ondas Awards, Isabel went on to win the Best Female Actress in National Fiction.

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