How Did David Hill Die? Tory Researcher David Hill Dies During Rugby Match Death – Obituary

Many tributes have been circulating after the passing of Scottish Parliament official. According to the sources, the First Minister of Scotland paid tributes to a Dumfriesshire political aide who died when playing a cross-party rugby match for Holyrood. Yes, 30-years-old David Hill sadly passed away. According to the sources, David died while playing in a match against Dail and Seanad XV. Well, the cause of his death has not been confirmed yet but it could be understood that he died due to a head injury and heart complication while playing the match.

As per the reports, the match was going on in Dublin on the afternoon of Saturday, March 19 when he died in the middle of the match. David’s father took social media to pay tribute to his son. Roger Hill (David’s father) took the support of social media and wrote,” Pain is unbearable” and his family is broken after news of his death”. He later added,” I can’t believe I am writing this. My amazing son David passed away today playing rugby in Dublin for the Scottish Parliament”. It was heartbreaking for the entire rugby community and his loved ones.

How Did David Hill Die?

His father also added,” He was the best and the pain is unbearable. We are broken”. David Hill was also described as a Rugby Draft among his loved ones. He worked as the head of office for Scottish Tory MSP and Holyrood justice spokesman Jamie Greene.

Mr Jamie Green described Hill as a friend, colleague, and confidant for so many in the Scottish Parliament over the years. He also said that Hill always loved his politics, but he also loved his rugby more. The whole parliament, my party, and the whole rugby community is deeply saddened by this awful news today, and our condolences lie entirely with his family, friends and colleagues”.

Tory Researcher David Hill Passed Away

Many politicians across the country took social media to pay tribute to him and expressed their deep condolence to him. Along with this, the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon paid tribute to him and wrote,” This is so terribly sad. My deepest condolence to the family of David, friends, and colleagues and of course to his Holyrood Rugby teammates who I know are all deeply shocked and heartbroken”.

Since the news of his death was confirmed on social media, we have seen lots of tributes messages in remembrance of David Hill who died while playing a game. His family is suffering from a hard time. He will be always remembered by his loved ones and family.

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