Hottest Moroccan Women – Top 10 Beautiful Moroccan Women

The beauty of Moroccan ladies lies in their strong personality, diligence and ambition. Hottest Moroccan Women have beautiful eyes and black hair, as well as beautiful curves, gracefully placed on their beautiful bodies.

Morocco, a soil of old Islamic civilization, encouraging beaches, delicious dishes, fresh herbs, and amazing landscapes. The list consists of the top 10 most beautiful women in Morocco. These women were considered ambassadors of elegance, beauty, and glamour. They are admired for their stunning looks, pretty features, and stunning personality.

10. Leila Hadioui

Born: January 16, 1985
Place of birth: Casablanca, Morocco
Height: 1.76 m

Hottest Moroccan Women

Leila Hadaoui is from Casablanca, is a major star in the Moroccan beauty industry. You can watch her on Televisions, and it was through her glamour on its own that she’s handled to get enough publicity. Her great communications skills, along with this, have only won her a larger targeted audience and a wonderful fan following.

She is a model and actress, and she started to attract filmmakers from a very young age. Her wonderful appearances, her intelligence, and her elegance combine to make her among the hottest Moroccan Women. She has 5.2 M followers on Instagram.

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9. Lamia Alaoui

Place of birth: Morocco
Height: 181 cm
Eyes Color: brown

 Hottest Moroccan Women

The fresh-faced, cool, beautiful model and actress. Lamiaa Alaoui is recognized as the ninth most beautiful woman in Morocco. Her highly qualified licorice led her to become the most popular woman in the country. She’s young, crazy, and gorgeous. Her pretty face is endless.

Her style of fashion is much more than incredibly cute. She started working with foreign brands, and she has always modified designs of all kinds of fashion. That’s what helps to make Lamiaa the most famous and also the most successful woman. Having 5,281 followers on her Instagram account. 

8. Amina Allam

BIRTHDAY: July 4, 1993

TOP 10 Hottest Moroccan Women

The female on the 8th in this list is Amina Allam. A most lovely face in Morocco. She is a model, designer and fashion manager. Although she lives in Paris, she represents her country in such a beautiful way. She participated in many international events, and her intelligence and beauty helped her easily climb the ladder of success. Throughout all senses, she’s beautiful. With her wonderful face, enchanting body, and witty spell, Amina Allam is an extremely cute beauty queen, born to a Finnish mother and a Moroccan father.

From her pretty body, dazzling figures to her wonderful face, it all makes her one of the most beautiful women. Moreover, Amina is one of the most highly paid models in Morocco. Not just, she is one of the hottest Moroccan Women, but also the wealthiest female, who made an attractive look on the covers of the popular magazines, and did ramp walk for the famous brands also followed by 176k people on Instagram.

7. Widyan Larouz

Hottest Moroccan Women


Widyan Larouz is among the prettiest and also most beautiful women in Morocco. She is an actress and fashion model, and her pictures have popped up in several foreign and local magazines. Widyan is a great example of brain glamour. She’s quite active on several social media sites where you’ll see her sharing pictures showing how great she is, a perfect figure, and a pretty woman. She is not only loved by the dint of her stunning looks and fit figure, but her acting abilities are equally admired.

6. Mona Amarsha

Born: January 1, 1988
Place of birth: Casablanca, Morocco
Albums: Ya Nas Daloni, Mojaba, Sana Oula Hob, Best Khaliji Songs
Record labels: Moseeqa, Platinum Records

Hottest Moroccan Women

She was born and grew up in Casablanca, Morocco in the Riffian family, and was noticed in the MBC singing contest “Album 5: Noujoum El Arab” wherein she portrayed North Africa along with the Sudanese, Egyptians, Tunisians, and Moroccans, contestants against the members of the team “Gulf” and “Levant” in 2007. Mona Amarsha is the sixth of the most beautiful women in Morocco. She is a Moroccan musician who mainly sings Khaleeji music. She’s very famous for the Gulf States. This place is worthy of Mona Amarsha.

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5. Sofia El Marikh

Born: October 15, 1981
Place of Birth: Casablanca, Morocco
Height: 1.73 m
Record label: Melody Music
Albums: Kelmet Hobb
Genres: Music of Morocco, Pop music, Arabic music, and Arabic pop music

Hottest Moroccan Women

Sofia El Marikh is the 5th hottest Moroccan Women, and she is a performer and music producer. She was a Star Academy I contestant. 

4. Ihssane Atif

TOP 10 Hottest Moroccan Women

Ihssane Atif is on the 4th in this list. She is the Moroccan actress and fashion model. She has studied medicine, which makes her a perfect blend of beauty and wisdom. Ihssane started her modeling career from a very young age.  Wonderful and is also one of the most intellectual models in the Moroccan industry, Ihssane Atif is just a pop star.

She’s an author, a model, and a Televisions’ media personality. She established her modeling career from an early age when she studied medicine. But now she is among the most recognized and highly regarded models, actress and fashion pop star. She’s a consciously beautiful woman of Morocco of the era. Greatest known for its excellent character. Ihssane Atif hasn’t ever allowed her appearance to take her away from the path of her professional life. She has 72.1k followers on her Instagram account.

3. Fadoua Lahlou

Hottest Moroccan Women

Fadoua Lahlou, one of Morocco’s top models, is on 3rd in this list of hottest Moroccan Women. Not only is she an exotically beautiful woman, and she’s also an excellently-known celebrity. She is a vivid example of how wonderful Moroccan supermodels are. Conceived with the traditional glamour of Morroco. From her outstanding appearance to her stunning figures, everything else about Lahlou is unique. That’s why she’s known internationally. It’s a conventional elegance with stunning height, gorgeous eyes, and an elegant figure.

2. Zineb Obeid

Born: August 1, 1985
Place of Birth: Casablanca, Morocco
Movies: Homeland, Behind Closed Doors
Nominations: Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role

TOP 10 Hottest Moroccan Women

The Moroccan TV presenter and actress is on 2nd in this list of 10 Most Beautiful Women of Morocco. At only thirteen years of age, she attracted a lot of distributors who agreed to sign her for advertisements. Thanks to this growing attention, she soon joined the movie industry, in which she quickly has become a big talent. She was part of movies like ‘The Swallows Always Return’ and ‘Hadi w touba’. Even after being so successful, Zineb, is still recognized to be very respectful and kind-hearted, which only adds to her elegance. Followed by 609k people on Instagram. She is one of the Beautiful Moroccan Women and also hottest Moroccan Women.

1. Mayssa Maghrebi

Born: August 19, 1978
Place of Birth: Meknes, Morocco
Spouse: Ahmed Bady (married. 2010)
TV shows: Hawameer El Sahraa, Al Deirah Net, and more
Nationality: Moroccan, French, Emirati
Movies: A’karb Alsa’ah, Tarab fashion
Siblings: Nina Moroccan

Hottest Moroccan Women

Moroccan starlet who featured in Arab movies, particularly popular in the Gulf countries. Mayssa Maghrebi is on the top of 10 Most Beautiful Moroccan Women. She’s also titled “Arab Kim Kardashian.” Mayssa is an admirer of Arab clothing, very well recognized in the Middle East under the title of “Princess of Abaya.” Also, she has 3 M followers on Instagram account. Mayssa Maghrebi is the most hottest Moroccan woman.


Morocco is indeed home to some of the Hottest Moroccan Women in the world. Their beauty and rich cultural level make them more attractive and set a perfect example for young people in Morocco and around the world.

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