Hottest Girlfriends of Famous Players

Hottest Girlfriends of Famous Players

Some professional athletes are purely motivated by the love of the game. But many others are tempted by massive salaries and luxurious lifestyles and it’s not a coincidence that many of these all-stars end up with supermodel wives and girlfriends. Today we’re looking at the hottest girlfriends of famous players and athlete girlfriends.


Antonella Roccuzzo is the wife of all-star footballer Lionel Messi. Not only is the 31-year-old a bombshell, but she’s also Missi’s childhood sweetheart. They grew up together in Missi’s hometown of Rosario Argentina.

Hottest Girlfriends of Famous Players


Antonella was the cousin of Messi’s best friend and from the beginning, he was obsessed with her beauty and personality. Notoriously shy as a child Messi didn’t have the strength to pursue Antonella in his formative years. But all that changed when he became a star athlete. Now Messi is considered one of the most accomplished footballers in the world, so when he flew back home in 2008 to express his love for Antonella. She was incredibly receptive at the time, she was pursuing a career as a dentist but she quickly dropped this to be with Messi. Now they have three beautiful children and travel the world all on Messi’s massive salary.


Hottest Girlfriends of Famous Players

Hannah Davis has been married to Derek Jeter since early 2016. The couple tied the knot after dating for almost five years and keeping their personal life hidden from the media.

It wasn’t until Jeter announced in 2015 that he had a fiance, that anyone even knew they were together. Though the 29-year-old already has two children with a 44-year-old Jeter Davis still maintains her career as one of the most in-demand models in the world. Growing up in the US Virgin Islands she knew that she wanted to experience more than her isolated Island home blessed with good looks and a stunning figure.


Davis quickly landed a modeling job with Ralph Lauren. This led to lucrative deals with Victoria’s Secret, Levi’s and American Eagle. Though Jeter guarantees them financial security Davis continues to model to this day.


Another supermodel turned celebrity wife, Giselle Bundchen has been married to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady since 2009. Though she is of German descent b√ľndchen grew up in small-town Brazil, from a young age she had ambitions to be a volleyball player. But her mother encouraged her to pursue modeling due to her gorgeous features and natural grace, Bundchen excelled quickly in the modeling industry. She had her big break at New York City’s Fashion Week when she was only 16 years old from there Bundchen meteoric rise has only continued.

Hottest Girlfriends of Famous Players

She consistently ranks among the highest-paid models in the world and was certified the sixteenth wealthiest woman in Entertainment after relationships with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kelly Slater. She began dating Tom Brady in 2006. They have been together ever since solidifying their status as one of the most celebrity couples in the world.


AJ McCarron came to prominence as the quarterback for Alabama during his college tenure. It was during his years with the University of Alabama that he met Katherine Webb. In her youth, Webb was a beauty queen winning the Miss Alabama competition in 2012 and placing 10th in the Miss America pageant.

Hottest Girlfriends of Famous Players

In 2013 Webb went to support her then-boyfriend McCarron at the BCS Championship game when the camera hovered on her the commentators spoke at length about her beauty saying that McCarran was incredibly lucky though some considered their comments sexist it launched Webb to a new level of Fame. She now works as a model and a Miss USA judge. She and McCarran have one son and one daughter and hoped to make their family even bigger. She is one of the Hottest Girlfriends of Famous Players.


Savannah James was named Savannah Brinson when she met LeBron James. They were both in high school and their chemistry was apparent from the beginning to court her LeBron took her to Outback Steakhouse for their first date.

Hottest Girlfriends of Famous Players


They dated sporadically as LeBron quickly became one of the most revered and highest-paid athletes in history. In 2013 LeBron decided he couldn’t wait any longer and pop the question soon after they celebrated their wedding. Then Savannah has started her career as a businesswoman, she has her line of furniture and briefly started a chain of juice doors in Florida.


Larry English hasn’t played football since 2014. His five seasons in the NFL earned him some serious wealth, he had a series of lucrative contracts first with the Chargers and then with the Buccaneers. In 2017 English married model Nicole Williams. She is one of the Hottest Girlfriends of Famous Players.

Hottest Girlfriends of Famous PlayersHottest Girlfriends of Famous Players

Then Williams has moved away from modeling to concentrate on her business career she has collaborated with Khloe Kardashian and just launched her swimwear brand called Nia Lynn. She says that she wants to concentrate on her career before settling down to have kids with English.


Victoria Beckham was extremely famous in her own right before she married famed Manchester unified The midfielder, David Beckham. She is one of the Hottest Girlfriends of Famous Players.

Hottest Girlfriends of Famous Players


The couple has already been together for more than two decades but they continue to grow both their business empire and their family. Victoria Beckham then Victoria Adams first caught the public eye as a member of the all-female pop group Spice Girls known as Posh Spice to fans. She went on to have a successful career as a solo artist after the group broke up. Now recognized as a world-class designer, Beckham has one of the most profitable celebrity’s own fashion lines in the world. This is all in addition to a series of popular books and several lucrative television appearances combined with her husband’s business empire. Many estimate their collective net worth to be well over 1 billion dollars. Together with their four children, this power couple shows no signs of slowing down.


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