Top 10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in Europe

Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in Europe – Everyone sees the world through one’s piece of the lens and has different opinions. Beauty is a perspective we are going to look at in this article and on women’s beauty in Europe. Every country has beautiful women and beauty is defined based on inner and outer perspectives. For some behavior, funny and charm can be beauty and for others facial structure, figure, and dressing sense is beauty. In this article, we see which European country has gorgeous and beautiful women.

1. Ukraine

Ukraine is a country with a population of 42 million people and women are 14% more in ratio than men. Kyiv capital of Ukraine is considered to be the hub of beautiful women. Ukrainian women have a petite figure, dark, blue, brown eyes, and light and dark facial features stand out in them. Despite their charming looks, these women are also caring, soft nature, and feminine.

These women are also family-oriented and know to look after their families. The women in Ukraine know how to dress like a pro. Lengthy slim legs, dark eyes, long hair, and suntanned skin body is considered beautiful in Ukraine. Masha Efrosinina with her dark hair, dark brown eyes, and charming snow-white smile represents the beauty of Ukrainian women.

2. Russia

Although Russian and Ukrainian women look the same Ukrainian women standout more therefore placed first in the list. Russia has 53% of women and is a developed country therefore women have opportunities for higher education. Russia has beautiful women per square km after Brazil. Moscow is fully hot and eye candy girls.

Russian women are not only actresses or models but gymnasts and sports players and are most beautiful and stunning. Russian women’s features are light skin, sporty, full lips, 170 cm height, 50 to 60 kg weight, and toned body. They work hard to obtain body physiques and never afraid of showing it. Irina Shayk an actress and model with 13.2 million followers on Instagram is the face of beautiful Russian women.

3. Poland

Poland with a population of 38 million with 51% of the female ratio is an amazing home to the most beautiful women in Europe and the world. Poland with a rich history and different ethnicities also famous for the beauty of women and their dark jokes.

The women from Poland are brave, open educated hence intelligent and not easy to date. These women have light hair, blue eyes, and slightly tanned skin. They also can speak English fluently. Izabella Scorupco an actress worked in class movies of bond series GoldenEye and she is the face of Poland beauty.

4. Lithuania

Lithuania is officially known as the Republic of Lithuania with the population of about 3 million people is home to some of the sexiest and the most beautiful women on the planet. Livs women share 53% of their ratio in the population of their country.

Lithuanian women have a naturally slim body with stunning blue or green eyes and long hair. On the other hand, they are very straight forward and say what they like on the face. Jurgita Jurkute born in 1985 is an actress and model also the winner of Miss Litva 2007 is the beautiful face of Lithuanian women.

5. Sweden

Sweden with a population of 10 million is not only famous for its islands, rich history, or inland lakes but also the beauty of its women. Sweden women share almost equal percentages in the population of the country and are the freed women of the European continent.

A typical Sweden woman has ocean-blue eyes, golden blonde hair, and petite porcelain skin. Big hips, big lips, small waist, and tan color of the body is an idle picture of every Sweden woman. Alicia Vikander an actress and a dancer born in 1988 is the famous face of the beauty of Sweden women.

6. Italy

Italy with a population of about 60 million people and with a long Mediterranean coastline along with culture and cuisine is also famous for its beautiful women. Italy is not just famous for its food and artwork but also for beautiful women. With classic European smile can fetch any one’s heart just at first sight.

Italian women are called the queen of fashion and Rome the capital city of Rome is the hub of fashion. Blonde or brunette body with long hair, normal breasts, and big hips are beauty standards of Italy. Cosima Coppola an actress in TV, theatre, and cinema born in 1983 is famous for its role in The Kings of Mykonos.

7. Netherlands

The Netherlands with a population of 17.2 million people with 50% of women along with tulip fields, landscapes, and historical houses is also famous for its beautiful women. The Dutch women with beautiful long blonde hair and tall height 5’7’’ are attractive and intelligent. These women possess nice facial features and sexy body physique that make them more desirable to men.

Blonde hair, long check bone, and tall height with blue or green eyes is the idle image for beauty in the Netherlands. Doutzen Kroes an actress, supermodel, philanthropist, and activist born in 1985 and came second on Forbes list for top-earning among models in 2014.

8. Spain

Spain with a population of 47 million people with 50% of women is famous for beautiful landscapes and historical and rich cultural heritage is also famous for its women. The main beauty of Spanish women is that they are happy and satisfied with their body appearances and happy to live with it.

The Spanish women have pretty raven hair, olive skin, and dark eyelashes, and green eyes. 1.72 m height, 54 to 56 kg weight green eyes, natural blonde hair and normal breasts and hip featured body is considered beautiful in Spain. Penelope Cruz born in 1974 an actress famous for many of her movie roles and outside Spain is known as Spanish enchantress.

9. Turkey

Turkey is the most advanced country among the Muslim countries and also Turkey grasp top
position when there is a comparison of beautiful women among the countries. Turkish women are the most photogenic and have links with different cultures and ancient empires. Flawless skin, curves, and being chubby are beauty standards in Turkey for women.

Turkish women have beautiful natural hair and they do not apply white-skin creams and hair dying etc. Some of the beautiful women from Turkey are Fahriye Evcen an actress, Cagla Kubat an actress and windsurfer, and Meryem Uzerli an actress.

10. France

France with 67 million population and with 50% of women are not only famous for its beautiful and green landscapes and cultural heritage but also the home to some beautiful women in Europe. French women are the trendsetters and know what to wear and look amazing in that dress. They work more on skincare than make-up.

French women are famous for their smoking habit but this habit can’t resist them being charming and beautiful and they are sensual and cute at the same time. Eva Green an actress born in 1980 famous for her role in 300 and Casino Royle is the famous face of French beauty.

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